The last day of week two has come and gone, but not without its share of drama. Every game had some form of it, whether an underperformance, mistakes, and a reverse sweep no one saw coming. It was a lot of fun to watch, but if you don’t have an extra second to catch it all, we have some takeaways here to give you the what’s what.

Seattle Surge vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

  • Seattle is a frustrating team, and that’s because they’re so darn inconsistent. One week they beat Faze, the next lose to Optic, even if they were more competitive. Then, they make a bunch of mistakes and lose to the Guerrillas, who are similarly inconsistent. I want to love this roster, but they make it so hard.
  • The Control was obviously the turning point. Number 1, why did they veto Tuscan? I get it, they’re mid ok both maps, but it feels like Tuscan would play to their aggressiveness. Number 2, how do you let LAG win those offenses? For a game mode where defense is king, it wasn’t today.
  • Truly everything stayed relatively close, with Sib and Pred having good slaying games, but after a superb Tuscan Hardpoint where they out-rotated and outslayed LAG they watched Los Angeles out position them.
  • This was somewhat of a happy surprise from the Guerrillas. They weren’t picked by many to win this, and for good reason, they’ve dropped games to lesser opponents because of inconsistency. They’ve still got two tough ones on the agenda, the Thieves and Optic, but at least they set themselves up to possibly sneak into winner’s.
  • The statline may not show it, but it felt like Asim was everywhere, influencing the map with quick decisions and multikills. Similarly we saw another solid game out of SlasheR, and they’ll need more of that going up against Octane and Dashy next week.
  • LAG won this one despite being outslayed, with nearly every map being close except the Search and Destroy. They’ll need those S&D’s to be on point versus the Thieves next week, which is one of their weak points. Crazy enough, this was only LAG’s 5th win on the year in the mode.

Minnesota Rokkr vs Los Angeles Thieves

  • They won a Hardpoint! What’s kind of funny is I didn’t erase this from the previous takeaways, proving there are multiple teams that have been somewhat horrendous in the mode. Minnesota made LAT sweat on Berlin and then took away the Bocage. That’s impressive versus one of the best Hardpoint teams in the league.
  • Holy reverse sweep Batman. That’s two in a row from Minnesota, but I’m concerned because this team is winning itself into a middle of the pack ranking when they probably should change out a few pieces. I hope I’m wrong, and they did pick this win up versus the Thieves, but the Major will tell us a lot of things.
  • Majormaniak decided to take matters into his own hands it seems. He was a big reason this one swung Minnesota’s way, with +25 kills and a 1.32 KD. His 3 piece in the 2v4 in Game 5 changed the tone and gave Rokkr the momentum to pull this one off.
  • The Thieves are 0-3 with some of the saddest performances we’ve seen from them, especially after such a good showing in the Major I qualifiers. They got dismantled by London with a substitute, made too many mistakes versus Optic, and then this reverse sweep meltdown. They’ve got a newly confident Guerrillas team and a despondent Seattle Surge next. They very well could finish 1-4, the opposite of their previous placing.
  • With the highlight plays Envoy was putting on you just thought it would be enough, but when your counterpart in Drazah is -19 kills it wipes away anything you’ve got going. Envoy was only 1.03, but his impact on the map is why they took the early 2-0 lead to begin with.
  • We’ve talked about it before, flex is one of the most important positions in the league, and if they don’t play well it can be curtains. Kenny wasn’t great in this one, with -18 kills and a .81 KD. They’ll need more from him to finish the qualifiers on a positive note.

Atlanta Faze vs Toronto Ultra

  • Faze is still the king of Hardpoints right now. If they set up, they’re impossible to get out, if they don’t rotate quick enough, they can break in with ease. They’ve always been pretty good in this mode, but this has been impressive even for them.
  • Well, there’s the first loss on Bocage. This one was 6-3, but it felt more like 6-5, with both teams making plenty of mistakes. If Arcitys doesn’t get caught behind that water wheel with .6 seconds left we might have a different outcome, but he got his revenge when he threw up a Steph Curry 3 ball of a grenade to kill Insight off the bomb with it almost planted.
  • Faze is at least starting to figure out what they want to do on Control, but that last defensive round was abysmal. Ultra bullied Faze off of B, which is supposed to be the hardest to capture, and in the process spawn killed the crap out of them to bring it down to life count. I’m seeing signs of life, and Simp dropping 40+ is a big part of that, but they better hope a new map comes in so they can auto veto Gavutu.
  • That’s two bad Hardpoints, but the second one stings more because they were slaying Faze up and down, had the setups, and still lost. I’m not sure on the idea behind Cammy’s long flank, and it’s even worse because he rounded the final corner only to get gunned. If he’s there for the earlier break attempt maybe it works, but hindsight is always 20/20.
  • Poor CleanX tested positive for COVID and still played, and it was apparent it was getting to him. Sure, he was a demon on the Control, but everywhere else he was getting outplayed. Still, 80% of CleanX seems to be better than plenty of the rest of the league’s SMGs.
  • If there is any positive in this one, it’s that Cammy is at least showing some of his MVP potential. He was shredding on the Bocage S&D and looked amazing on the Tuscan Hardpoint, but he did disappear on the final map. His contributions are arguably the most important and most influential in this team reascending to the top four.

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