The Mushroom Crown is one of the more interesting armor pieces you can find in the Lands Between. Similar to the regular Mushroom headpiece, the Mushroom Crown features mushrooms growing out of your character’s head. What makes them different is that the Mushroom Crown increases your attack power if something in the vicinity is suffering from scarlet rot or poison. Here is where you can find the Mushroom Crown in Elden Ring.

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To find this armor piece, you first need to make your way to the Lake of Rot. To reach this area, you will need to go to Nokstella. You will automatically go to this area during Ranni’s questline or you can take the coffin down the waterfall in the Deeproot Depths. The elevator that leads to the Lake of Rot is near the Nokstella, Eternal City site of grace. Once you reach the Lake of Rot, make sure to prepare some Preserving Boluses to help you survive the scarlet rot.

From the Lake of Rot Shoreside site of grace, you will need to travel to the southeast corner of the lake. Make sure to stop at the carious obelisks along the way and step on the pressure plates to raise platforms for you to walk on. In the corner of the lake, you will find a fallen column behind a stone structure. Walk up the column and jump over to the next column to get on top of the stone structure. In the middle of the stone structure, you will see a column with an item on it. The item on the column is the Mushroom Crown.

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