Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold has spoken on the recent success of Elden Ring, claiming the game was no easier than any other FromSoftware game, all of which have become notorious for their difficulty.

Elden Ring has taken Twitch by storm, as since its launch the massively open world RPG has had a near-constant spot at the top of Twitch. Asmongold has been among the premier content creators contributing to the game’s exorbitant rise, streaming over 56 hours of Elden Ring since launch.

An MMO veteran as well as an avid fan of FromSoftware’s related titles, Asmongold rebuked claims Elden Ring is the easiest game from the studio. “I actually don’t think it’s their easiest game,” Asmongold said on FromSoftware’s latest release. The prominent streamer explained Elden Ring only appears easier than its FromSoftware counterparts because it has the most ‘tools’ available.

“Because you have so many tools and so many things you can do, an experienced player can make it easier than other games,” Asmongold said, “but an average player doing a playthrough of the game will have an experience similar to Dark Souls III.”

The OTK co-founder also went on to push back against those critical of players using Spirit Ashes or Elden Ring summons to make boss fights easier. Asmongold stated that having an ‘easier’ version of the game that is completely optional is beneficial to the game as a whole, and shouldn’t be condemned by franchise fans.

Since the release of Elden Ring, discourse has raged over the accessibility of the game and the prevalence of builds or strategies that make otherwise difficult fights significantly easier on players.

Elden Ring is a significantly longer game with a much more open world, approximating nearly 150 bosses, and many argue powerful weapons and abilities are necessary.

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