While farming and snacking on melon slices is fun in Minecraft, players can also create glistering melons that are particularly useful for potion brewing.

Players can obtain glistering melons from Master-level farmer villagers, but it may be more economical to create them via crafting.

To do so, players will need to combine standard melon slices and gold nuggets. Each glistering melon slice will require eight gold nuggets and one slice of melon.

It’s also important to keep in mind that once a glistering melon slice is created, it will no longer be consumable. This means it loses its value as a food item in the interest of becoming a potion ingredient.

Finding melon slices and gold nuggets in Minecraft

Golden nuggets will be needed in bunches to make glistering melon slices (Image via Mojang)
Golden nuggets will be needed in bunches to make glistering melon slices (Image via Mojang)

The good news for Minecraft players is that creating glistering melon slices isn’t particularly difficult. Both melon slices and gold nuggets are fairly easy to collect compared to other materials in the game.

The most direct way to obtain melon slices is to simply grow melons. Melon blocks can be found in jungle biomes as well as savanna and desert villages. They can even be found in tillage rooms in woodland mansions.

There are quite a few ways to get gold nuggets in Minecraft. One of the ways in which players can obtain them is by killing zombified piglins. Zombified piglins drop a gold nugget when they die. This loot drop can increase in yield when a player uses the Fortune enchantment.

Players can also place a gold ingot on a crafting table to create nine gold nuggets. Furthermore, if players have gold armor they no longer need (including horse armor), they can smelt it in a furnace or blast furnace to convert it into gold nuggets.

Minecraft players who prefer to do a little mining can head to the Nether and mine nether gold ore blocks. Instead of dropping raw gold like gold ore blocks in the Overworld, nether gold ore blocks drop gold nuggets directly.

Furthermore, while players are in the Nether, mining gilded blockstone blocks can also occasionally yield gold nuggets. Gilded blackstone can primarily be found in bastion remnant structures, so players can begin their search there.

Gold nuggets are quite common in loot chests in many different structures. They can specifically be found in loot chests in bastion remnants, igloos, ruined portals, shipwrecks, underwater ruins, and villages.

Once Minecraft players have the required nuggets and melon slices, all they need to do is open up the crafting grid of a crafting table.

Place one melon slice in the center of the grid, with eight gold nuggets surrounding it. Doing so will create one glistering melon slice, which can be used in the brewing process at a player’s leisure.

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