Fans have been asking for it and it seems that Call of Duty: Warzone will be getting a ranked mode after all, Raven Software has confirmed via Twitch.

According to Call of Duty creative lead Josh Bridge, who was interviewed on-stream by Warzone star Optic TeeP, ranked play is what the super-popular battle royale has been lacking and it’s something that is currently being evaluated.

Bridge explained that the new mode would be perfect for veteran players to test their skills in while the regular mode still stands for more casual play.

“I cannot wait to get to ranked play because that’s ultimately what we need to make sure that high skilled players have an end game where they can flex and then we have a masses ‘hey go have fun’ that’s the lifeblood of BR,” Bridge said.

As for the timeframe, there is, unfortunately, nothing to report at this moment; Bridge explained the new ranked mode is currently in the evaluation stage.

“We just want to make sure we do it right,” Bridge said. “We don’t take it lightly so we’re evaluating it and we don’t have any updates on exactly when yet but we are absolutely taking it seriously like it’s something that we need for sure.”

Ranked play is something players have been waiting for in Warzone. The game has been through plenty of ups and downs since its release with notable cheating issues but perhaps ranked play could breathe new life into the game once again.

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