PUBG New State’s March update went live sometime ago and brought new changes to the Erangel 2051 map. Two regions have been updated with the addition of a completely new one as well. The Ferry Pier has become a busier location with lots more containers and warehouses added. This will boost the number of items that spawn in this region. The Dock has been revamped as well and now features a factory in the centre of the Quarry region. Like the Pier, this region has received a boost in the number of spawn items, which will add a new layer to the combat experience. Finally, the newest point added to Erangel is Avanpost.

Erangel’s reconstruction brought a new event with it, called Play Erangel 2051. The event is divided into two challenges and participating players are guaranteed to receive numerous rewards. It is currently live and will run until March 30th. The first challenge of Play Erangel 2051 will see 500 players randomly get selected for the challenge. Only those survivors who have played in Erangel 2051 four or more times a day, every day for at least three days of the event duration will have a chance of being selected. Rewards for this include 50x Pass Tokens, 2x Erangel 200& BP Card, and 3x BP Random Box (M).

The second challenge takes things up a notch as the selection criteria becomes tougher. Players will have to win more than five Chicken Dinners in Erangel before March 30th. 400 random survivors will be selected and awarded with 100x Pass Tokens, a Chicken Medal Bonus Card (+2) and 2x Royale Chest Tickets. Obviously, a lot of people will meet both criteria, so player stats will play a role Finally, the rewards will be sent out on April 7th via the in-game mail.

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