42 MP

Have You Got Anything Stronger?

Imogen Allen

“Sharp and furiously funny” novel about the trials and tribulations of married life for fans of Why Mummy Drinks and Bridget Jones’ Diary.

Agent Eugenie Furniss

Rights Sold UK and Commonwealth exc Canada (Welbeck)

The Best Friend

Jessica Fellowes

Darkly suspenseful standalone from the author of the bestselling Mitford Murders series exploring toxic female friendship.

Agent Eugenie Furniss

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc Canada (Sphere), North America (Minotaur Books), Italy (Mondadori)

Last Breath

Chris Lemons

Powerful memoir of a commercial diver who was trapped on the ocean floor with dwindling oxygen, and little hope of rescue, and the extraordinary story of how he survived.

Agent Eugenie Furniss

When You Lose It

Gay & Roxy Longworth

A memoir of Roxy’s turbulent teenage years, culminating in a psychotic breakdown, told from alternating mother-daughter perspectives.

Agent Eugenie Furniss

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc Canada (Welbeck)

Three Burials

Anders Lustgarten

Bold and thought-provoking literary thriller from one of the UK’s leading political playwrights.

Principal Agent Eugenie Furniss

Rights Germany (Hoffman und Campe)


Run Time

Catherine Ryan Howard

The bestselling thriller writer’s latest centres on a horror film set in remote Ireland: “When the strange goings-on in the script start to happen on set too, it becomes apparent that the real horror lies off the page…

Agent Sara O’Keeffe

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc Canada (Atlantic), North America (Blackstone)

Pixel Flesh

Ellen Atlanta

A “vital reassessment” of beauty in the digital age and the women it harms.

Agent Max Edwards

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc Canada (Headline)

John & Paul: A Love Story in 23 Songs

Ian Leslie

How the geniuses of Lennon and McCartney merged and multiplied their talents to produce one of the greatest bodies of creative work in history.

Agent Toby Mundy

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc Canada (Faber), North America (Celadon), Russia (Azbooka Atticus)


Christine Anne Foley

My Sister the Serial Killer meets Acts of Desperation” in this powerful, highly topical literary début featuring a damaged young woman who addresses each of her lovers in turn.

Agent Sara O’Keeffe

The Haunted Wood

Sam Leith

A history of writing for children with a series of vivid portraits of the life and times of the key authors and a “bold reappraisal of children’s classics that reorders the canon for the 21st century”.

Agent Toby Mundy

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc Canada (Oneworld)

Aitken Alexander

The Midnight News

Jo Baker

The bestselling author’s newest nail-biting literary suspense plunges the reader into war-torn London and the mind of an observant but increasingly disturbed young woman.

Agent Clare Alexander

Rights UK (Doubleday), US (Knopf)


Nicola Dinan

A sharp, tender and cerebral yet compelling début. A story about transition: across genders, within friendships and into adulthood.

Agent Monica MacSwan

The Premonitions Bureau

Sam Knight

Premonitions are impossible. But they come true all the time. “An enthralling true story, of madness and wonder, science and the supernatural” from the New Yorker staff writer.

Agent Emma Paterson

Rights UK (Faber), US (Penguin Press), China (STPH), Czech (Leda), Estonia (Tanapaev), France (Sonatine), Italy (Mondadori), Lithuania (Baltos Lankos), Netherlands (Volt), Poland (Czarne), Romania (RAO), Turkey (Garaj), Film/TV (Amazon Studios)


Andrew McMillan

Prize-winning poet McMillan’s début novel paints an “unforgettable” portrait of modern Britain through the lens of three generations of men in a north of England mining town.

Agent Chris Wellbelove

Rights UK (Canongate), Germany (Ullstein), France (under offer)


Max Porter

The prize-winner’s latest centres around Shy, a troubled teen, a “dangerous young man”, a reject from the social structures that no longer wish to nurture him, who is considering what could be his final decision in this world.

Agent Lisa India Baker

Rights UK (Faber), US (Graywolf), Canada (Strange Light)

A M Heath

The Library Suicides

Fflur Dafydd

Twin daughters set a trap for their novelist mother’s murderer in the National Library of Wales.

Agent Euan Thorneycroft

Rights UK (Hodder)

Crucible of Light

Elizabeth Drayson

A history of the contested but fruitful relationship between Islam and Europe, from the Moorish invasion of Spain to the present.

Agent Bill Hamilton

Though the Bodies Fall

Noel O’Regan

A haunting début novel by the recipient of a Seán Dunne Young Writer Award and a Bridport Short Story Prize-winner.

Agent Euan Thorneycroft

Rights UK (Granta)

Summer Fever

Kate Riordan

A “sultry and addictive” new novel from the author of Richard & Judy pick The Heatwave.

Agent Rebecca Ritchie

Rights UK (Michael Joseph)

Best of Friends

Kamila Shamsie

A dazzling story of friendship, identity and the unknowability of other people from the Women’s Prize for Fiction winner.

Agent Victoria Hobbs

Rights UK (Bloomsbury), US (Riverhead), Arabic (Dar Al Tanweer), Dutch (Signatuur), Italian and Portuguese under offer

Andrew Lownie

Fugitives: A History of Nazi Mercenaries During the Cold War

Danny Orbach

Thrilling untold history of Nazi fugitives turned post-war agents by a Harvard University history professor and former Israeli army intelligence agent.

Agent Andrew Lownie

Rights UK (Hurst), US (Pegasus)

Stalin’s War: A New History of World War II

Sean McMeekin

A major revisionist history of the Second World War by a prize-winning historian arguing that the Allies’ support of the Soviets had disastrous consequences.

Agent Andrew Lownie

Rights US (Basic), UK (Penguin), Germany (Antaios), Spain (Palabra) and four others

Syndrome K: How Italy resisted the Final Solution

Christian Jennings

The first book in English telling the complete story of the Holocaust in Italy.

Agent Andrew Lownie

Rights UK (The History Press)

Agent Sniper: The Best Spy the West Ever Lost

Tim Tate

The story of Michal Goleniewski, “one of the West’s most valuable counter-intelligence sources” and “the best defector the CIA ever had”.

Agent Andrew Lownie

Rights UK (Transworld), US (St Martin’s)

Pandemic 1918

Catharine Arnold

The story of the global epidemic and its impact on the men and women who battled against it.

Agent Andrew Lownie

Rights UK (Michael O’Mara), US (St Martin’s), Korea (Golden Time), China (Shanghai Educational), Russia (Eksmo)

Andrew Nurnberg Associates

Heul Doch Nicht (Don’t Cry)

Kirsten Boie

Hamburg, 1945: three 14-year-olds trying to find out what is left for them in a city in ruins.

Agent Sabine Pfannenstiel

Rights Germany (Oetinger)

La Lezione (The Lesson)

Marco Franzoso

The latest from the Italian literary star is a suspenseful account of the “slow descent into hell of an ordinary girl”.

Agent Barbara Barbieri

Rights Italy (Mondadori)

The West: A New History in 12 Lives

Naoise MacSweeney

A bold retelling of the history of the West, spanning from Ancient Greece to the present day.

Agent Charlotte Merritt

Rights Korea (Open Books/Mimesis), Portugal (Saida de Emergencia), World English (Ebury)

The Map of Leaves

Yarrow Townsend

There’s adventure around every bend in the river when Orla, Idris and Ariana set out to find the source of a sickness sweeping the land.

Agent Jenny Savill

Rights World English (Chicken House), Czech Republic (Grada), Germany (Thienemann), Turkey (Timas Yayinlari)


Catriona Ward

A stunning thriller exploring the power of the past to twist the present, which Stephen King calls “authentically terrifying”.

Agent Jenny Savill

Rights UK (Viper), Denmark (Screaming Books), France

(Sonatine Editions), Germany (Festa Verlag), Poland (Wydawnictwo Poznanskie), Russia (Eksmo), USA (Tor Nightfire)

The Bent Agency

The Imposter

Susan Allott

A spooky literary thriller spanning a century about one London house, three sets of owners and three intertwined tragedies.

Agent Nicola Barr


Orla Mackey

“Stunning” depiction of life in a small town in Ireland told through a chorus of voices, each giving a different version of “truth”.

Agent Nicola Barr

Manhattan Species

Arvin Ahmadi

A coming-of-age novel set amid the moral grey areas of the very wealthy of New York City and the people who surround them.

Agent Jenny Bent

House of Hunger

Alexis Henderson

A young woman is drawn into the upper echelons of a society where blood is power in this dark and enthralling gothic novel.

Agent Jenny Bent

Rights UK (Transworld), North America (Berkley)

Blake Friedmann

My Father’s House

Joseph O’Connor

Literary thriller based on the true story of an Irish priest in the Vatican who risked his life to smuggle thousands of Jews and escaped Allied prisoners out of Italy during the Second World War.

Agent Isobel Dixon

Rights UK (Harvill), France (Payot), Italy (Guanda), Sweden (Natur och Kultur)

The Bay

Allie Reynolds

The Beach meets ‘Point Break’” in Reynolds’ thriller of secrets and murder set in an idyllic, remote surfing location.

Agent Kate Burke

Rights UK (Headline),

US (Putnam), Germany (HarperCollins)

A History of Water

Edward Wilson-Lee

Vivid narrative non-fiction “with a flavour of The Name of the Rose” featuring poetry, history, murder and intrigue in 16th-century Portugal.

Agent Isobel Dixon

Rights UK (HarperCollins), Italy (Bollati Boringhieri), Portugal (Bertrand), Spain (Ariel)

Tiepolo Blue

James Cahill

A mid-life coming-of-age novel set in the art world, and a powerful exploration of themes of beauty, friendship, sex and censure.

Agent Samuel Hodder

Rights UK (Sceptre)

Picture You Dead

Peter James

James’ 18th DS Roy Grace title centres around a couple who unearth something priceless in a car boot sale, but they soon discover it’s altogether too priceless…

Agent Isobel Dixon

Rights UK (Macmillan)

The Blair Partnership

The Treekeepers

Kieran Larwood

Epic new middle-grade fantasy featuring shapewalker Liska, who must use her powers of changing into mythical creatures to defend the natural world from an ancient enemy.

Agent Jordan Lees

Rights UK (Faber)

K2: The Deadliest Climb

Nimsdai Purja

A follow-up to memoir Beyond Possible and Bafta-nominated Netflix documentary “14 Peaks”, K2 explores the ascent of the world’s most dangerous mountain in winter.

Agent Rory Scarfe

Sugar, Baby

Celine Saintclare

From her small, white English town, Agnes runs headlong into the world of London sugaring—dating older men for money: “Queenie meets Insatiable meets Small Island”.

Agent Hattie Grünewald

Rights UK (Corvus)

Psyche and Eros

Luna McNamara

“Marvellously witty and exquisitely drawn” début retelling, in dual perspective, one of the only love stories in Greek mythology with a happy ending.

Agent Hattie Grünewald


Rob Perry

Benjamin Glass doesn’t like germs. Unfortunately, when he forms an unlikely friendship with The Mighty Gary—England’s fastest racing dog—the two must take a germ-laden trip across the country in a pandemic in order to outwit Gary’s gangster backers.

Agent Hattie Grünewald

Rights UK (Europa)

Brotherstone Creative Management

A Very Modern Family

Carrie & David Grant

“Groundbreaking” book on navigating parenthood in a gender fluid and neurodivergent age, from an interracial couple with three trans or non-binary children.

Agent Charlie Brotherstone

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc Canada (Little, Brown)

Mr and Mrs Sherlock Holmes: The True Adventures of Moser and Moser

Clare Clarke

Victorian London’s most scandalous detective duo: a sensational and untold true crime story in the vein of Kate Summerscale’s The Suspicions of Mr Whicher.

Agent Charlie Brotherstone

Every Monument Will Fall & World War Zero

Dan Hicks

A radical biography of Augustus Pitt-Rivers, a founding father of archaeology and anthropology, and a new history of the world through its colonial museums.

Agent Charlie Brotherstone

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc Canada (Hutchison Heinemann)

Living with the Black Widow

Rob Parkes

A memoir from a victim of coercive control and domestic abuse, the first of its kind from a male perspective.

Agent Charlie Brotherstone

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc Canada (Orion), Film/TV (New Regency)

Fine Why

George the Poet

The poet uses stories from his life and combines them with insights from his ongoing PhD to explore the injustices that motivate his writing.

Agent Charlie Brotherstone


You Can Drop Me Here

Julia Walter

Unconventional up-lit début about a hoarder who meets a minimalist, “for readers of Beth O’Leary, with shades of Alan Bennett’s The Lady in the Van”.

Agent Sue Armstrong

A Wild and True Relation

Kim Sherwood

Epic historic tale of the smuggler Tom West and the myth and mystery surrounding the women in his life that “explores gender and genre”.

Agent Sue Armstrong

Rights UK (Virago)

Only Here Only Now

Tom Newlands

A “The Shock of the Fall meets Curious Incident…” bittersweet coming-of-age novel about a 14-year-old girl Cora, who has ADHD.

Agent Sophie Lambert


Tristan McConnell

A cultural and geological history of humanity, told through the lens of the Rift Valley in East Africa, known as the “birthplace of humanity”.

Agent Sophie Lambert

Opus: The Cult that Crashed a Highstreet Bank

Gareth Gore

Shocking exposé of the conspiracy surrounding one of Europe’s largest banks and its links to religious organisation Opus Dei—Empire of Pain meets Kleptopia.

Agent Richard Pike

Curtis Brown

The Watermark

Sam Mill

High concept love story which zigzags from the Victorian era to Manchester in 2014 to the future, exploring the theme of “book-surfing”, whereby characters are able to enter novels and explore whether their will or fate shapes the plot. 

Agent Cathryn Summerhayes

Rights UK (Granta)

That Bonesetter Woman

Frances Quinn

Endurance Proudfoot wants to be a bonesetter, but her campaign to convince her father she can do a man’s job is thwarted when her beautiful sister’s attempt at social climbing goes wrong.

Agent Alice Lutyens

Rights UK (Simon & Schuster)

The Healing Power of Clay

Florence St George

After suffering post-natal depression, St George found a path to healing through pottery.

Agent Gordon Wise

Sister Stardust

Jane Green

Green reimagines the life of troubled icon Talitha Getty in this story from a forgotten chapter of the Swinging ’60s.

Agent Jonny Geller

Rights US (Hanover Square)

The Unbroken Beauty of Rosaline Bone

Alex McCarthy

“Sharp, spiky” contemporary fairy tale of a young woman abused, misjudged and envied for her beauty, who disappears from her Welsh working-class village.

Agent Felicity Blunt

Darley Anderson

Before I Do

Sophie Cousens

The third rom-com by the bestselling author posits: what would you do if the one that got away turned up the night before your wedding?

Agent Clare Wallace

Rights UK and Commonwealth (Hodder), North America (Putnam), options in 17 languages

Wild Swimming

Kate Galloway

Début Highlands-set rom-com centred around Flic who, on holiday to escape her 35th birthday, discovers that the itinerary of trekking, skinny-dipping and cliff-jumping is less scary than confronting her past.

Agent Tanera Simons

The Blame Game

Sandie Jones

Jones’ fifth thriller has psychologist Naomi who is always too involved in her clients’ lives, but now she’s really crossed a line…

Agent Tanera Simons

Rights UK and Commonwealth (Macmillan), North America (St Martin’s), options in 15 languages

The Ugly Truth

L C North

High concept thriller in which Melanie Lange has disappeared. Her father, business tycoon Sir Philip, says she’s safe at home, but others say differently…

Agent Tanera Simons

Rights UK and Commonwealth (Transworld)


K L Slater

Seventeenth addictive psychological thriller from the multi-million copy bestseller.

Agent Camilla Bolton

Rights World English (Bookouture)

David Godwin Associates

The Book of Everlasting Things

Aanchal Malhotra

A devastatingly emotional saga set during the time of Partition and against the backdrop of a perfumery business, which chronicles the lives of star-crossed lovers.

Agent David Godwin

Rights US (Flatiron), Philippines & Canada (HarperCollins India), Netherlands (Uitgeverij Nieuw Amsterdam)

Black River

Nilanjana Roy

A riveting murder mystery set in modern India which addresses a society unravelling, class divide, religious strife and the unrelenting violence against women.

Agent David Godwin


Lottie Mills

“Original, eerie and thoughtful” collection of short stories which delve into the subtext of disability, reimagined with a gothic flair.

Agent David Godwin

Rights World English (Oneworld)

None of the Above

Travis Alabanza

The performance artist and writer’s memoir examining seven phrases people have directed at them about their gender identity.

Agent Philippa Sitters

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc Canada (Canongate)

Not Exactly What I Had in MInd

Kate Brook

Warm and witty novel about two housemates dealing with the fallout of having slept together and the complexities of love, friendship and family in the 21st century.

Agent Philippa Sitters

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc Canada (Corvus), North America (Dutton), German (Diana), Spanish (Suma de Letras)

David Higham Associates

The Feminist Killjoy Handbook

Sara Ahmed

Scholar Ahmed’s handy, accessible guidance to her fellow feminist killjoys in surviving today’s world.

Agent Nicola Chang

The NCT Murders

Katt Ailes

Contemporary cosy crime novel about a group of soon-to-be mums who inadvertently find themselves playing detectives when there is a murder at their antenatal meeting.

Agent Jemima Forrester

Rights on submission

Virginia Woolf: An Illustrated Biography

Ella Bucknall

Part-scholar, part-artist, part-Woolf obsessive, Bucknall’s illustrated biography tells the life of Virginia Woolf afresh in graphic form.

Agent Harriet Moore

Rights UK (W&N), US (Pantheon), French (Grasset), German (Rowohlt), Spanish (Lumen)

Planta Sapiens

Paco Calvo & Natalie Lawrence

A book that “opens the plant kingdom like never before”, unmasking plant intelligence and dismantling the traditional hierarchies of nature along the way.

Agent Jessica Woollard

Rights UK (Little, Brown), US (Norton), Chinese Simplified (China South Booky Culture), Italian (Il Saggiatore)

The Birdcage

Eve Chase

The Glass House author’s atmospheric and suspenseful Cornish-set family drama about three half-sisters, their artist father and their secrets.

Agent Lizzy Kremer

Rights UK (Michael Joseph), US (Berkley), Norwegian (Gyldendal Norsk)

David Luxton Associates

Let’s Talk: How to Have Better Conversations

Nihal Arthanayake

An accessible, anecdotal and expert-led guide to having better conversations written by an award-winning BBC broadcaster.

Agent Nick Walters

Rights World English (Trapeze)

1999: The Treble and All That

Matt Dickinson

The historic story of how, in 1999, Manchester United completed the Treble, winning the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League.

Agent David Luxton

Rights UK (Simon & Schuster)

The King & I

Claude Boli

Boli gives readers an unparalleled insight into the legend and icon, Eric Cantona: “Cantona the footballer, Cantona the friend and Cantona the man”.

Agent David Luxton

Rights World English (Simon & Schuster), Greece (KPG Sport)

Expected Goals

Rory Smith

New York Times journalist on what happened when football analytics expert Chris Anderson entered the world of football ownership.

Agent David Luxton

Rights UK and Commonwealth (HarperSport)

Intelligent Fitness

Simon Waterson

How to enhance your energy, sleep and intelligent fitness from the celebrity trainer who has worked with Daniel Craig for the Bond films. With a foreword by Craig.

Agent Nick Walters

Rights World English (Michael O’Mara), US (Triumph Books), Hungary (Alexandra), Poland (SQN), Japan (Kanki)

DHH Literary

The Other Side of NIght

Adam Hamdy

Latest from bestseller Hamdy is an “ambitious and resonant” genre-bending tale of love, loss and redemption that will open the reader’s mind and heart.

Agent Hannah Sheppard

Rights (UK) Macmillan, US (Atria)


Rebecca Thorne

“Intensely atmospheric and gripping” new spin on the locked room mystery with a speculative edge.

Agent Emily Glenister

Rights UK (Bloomsbury Raven)

Every Shade of Happy

Phyllida Shrimpton

The uplifting story of a man at the end of his life and a girl at the beginning of hers, who reach out across the generations to explore what it means to find happiness.

Agent Broo Doherty

Rights UK (Aria)

Night Shadows

Eva Björg Ægisdóttir

The third novel in the Forbidden Iceland series featuring detective Elma, which has sold in 10 languages to date.

Agent David Headley

Rights UK (Orenda)

Mortal Monarchs

Susie Edge

A humorous deep-dive into the varied—and oft-gruesome—deaths of kings and queens from a medical historian with a large TikTok following.

Agent Emily Glenister

Rights UK (Wildfire)

Eve White Literary Agency

The It Girl

Ruth Ware

Bestseller Ware’s latest follows an ex-Oxford student’s search for answers a decade after her friend’s murder.

Agent Eve White

Rights UK (S&S), US, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Poland

Baking It Easy

Eloise Head

Simple, delicious and easy-to-make sweet recipes by the creator of TikTok and Instagram hit Fitwaffle.

Agent Eve White

Rights UK (Ebury), USA

Einstein the Penguin

Iona Rangeley

A stray penguin knocks at a family’s door holding a suitcase labelled “Einstein”—a wonderfully warm, funny new series perfect for fans of Paddington.

Agent Eve White

Rights UK (HarperCollins Children’s Books), Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Greece, Georgia

The Patient

Jane Shemilt

The bestselling author returns with a taut, tense thriller about a doctor’s affair with her new patient and their deep, dark secrets.

Agent Eve White

Rights UK (HarperFiction), USA, Italy

These Streets

Luan Goldie

As London’s Stratford gentrifies, Jess, a single mum, must hold it all together in this urgent new novel from the Women’s Prize longlistee and Costa Short Story Prize winner.

Agent Eve White

Rights UK (HQ)

The Feldstein Agency

Man versus Microbes

Dr Nizam Damani

Part memoir, part history lesson in microbiology and part wake-up call to humanity from an advisor to the World Health Organisation.

Agent Paul Feldstein

In Ordinary Time: Fragments of a Family History Memoir

Carmel Maria Mc Mahon

A hybrid memoir comprised of essays, poems and photographs that looks at the ways “ordinary traumas”, personal and historic, reverberate through time.

Agent Paul Feldstein

Rights World English (Duckworth)

She Worked in the Café Beside the Pier

Patrick Murphy

Début novel set in a seaside Irish town about what it means to fall in love in the internet age, by a prize-winning short story writer.

Agent Paul Feldstein

Kill the Devil

Tony Macaulay & Juvens Nsabimana

Rwanda-set love story between a survivor and a perpetrator of genocide, a collaboration between a Belfast-based author and broadcaster and a Rwandan scriptwriter.

Agent Paul Feldstein

Murder, Memoir, Murder Crime

Anthony Quinn

Part memoir and crime fiction story revolving around two unsolved murders—one in 1922, and the other in 1983—in Quinn’s native South Tyrone.

Agent Paul Feldstein

Rights World English (Dalzell)

Felicity Bryan Associates

True Democracy

Erica Benner

Part travel memoir, part philosophy guide to how democracies are born; “a book for our times” from a political philosopher.

Agent Catherine Clarke

Rights UK (Penguin Press), Finland (Atena), Spain (Critica)

Fragile Cargo

Adam Brookes

Drawing on first-hand diary accounts and his own interviews with eyewitnesses, journalist Brookes tells the gripping true story of the intrepid curators who saved China’s art from the ravages of the Sino-Japanese War and Second World War.

Agent Catherine Clarke

Rights UK (Chatto), US and Canada (Atria), France (Nevicata), Italy (Rizzoli), Netherlands (Balans)


Jonathan Coe

The award-winning novelist’s return follows four generations of one family through seven celebrations, from VE Day in 1945 to the 75th anniversary of VE day at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Agent Caroline Wood

Rights UK (Viking), France (Gallimard), Italy (Feltrinelli)

Mrs S

K Patrick

“Bold and thrilling” début from a poet and short story writer, set in an élite boarding school, a love affair plays out between the young matron that looks after the students and the headmaster’s wife.

Agent Angelique Tran Van Sang

Georgina Capel

Can Feminism be African?

Minna Salami

Through social criticism and personal narrative, journalist Salami explores “through language, history and soul” a feminist awakening in relation to Africa.

Agent Georgina Capel

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc Canada (William Collins)

Come to this Court and Cry: How the Holocaust Ends

Linda Kinstler

A look at memory and justice when “revisionism, ultra-nationalism and denialism make it feel like history is slipping out from under our feet”.

Agent Georgina Capel

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc Canada (Bloomsbury), US (PublicAffairs), Dutch (Alfabet), French (Éditions Denoël), Italian (Einaudi)

The Devil’s Bargain

Stella Rimington

The former MI5 boss’ latest thriller follows Peter Robinson—MP, salesman, politician, bachelor and Russian spy—as he comes face to face with Harry Bristow—policeman, father, chauffeur, fraud—the only man who knows his secret.

Agent Georgina Capel

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc Canada (Bloomsbury)

The Good Literary Agency

The Funeral Cryer

Wenyan Lu

Dark, satirical literary novel set in north-east China exploring marriage, infidelity and death.

Agent Kemi Ogunsanwo

Rights UK and Commonwealth (Atlantic), Italian (Garzanti)

It’s Not That Radical!

Mikaela Loach

“Galvanising” manifesto by Global Citizen Prize nominee and Forbes’ most influential woman in the UK climate movement.

Agent Kemi Ogunsanwo

Rights UK and Commonwealth (DK)

The Quiet Storm

Kimberly Whittam

Tender, character-led middle-grade set in a Mancunian school that explores themes of confidence, friendship and anxiety.

Agent Gyamfia Osei

Rights UK and Commonwealth (Usborne)


Azma Dar

“Utterly fresh take on the psychological thriller” by an award-winning playwright, set in the north of England.

Agent Abi Fellows

Mapmatics: The Hidden Mathematics of Maps

Paulina Rowińska

A fascinating and compelling look at maps and the maths intrinsic to the cartographers’ design.

Agent Rukhsana Yasmin

Rights World (Picador)

Greene & Heaton

This Beating Heart

Laura Barnett

Forty-three-year-old Christina thought life was settled: marriage to Ed, children, a house of their own… but this is not her future.

Agent Judith Murray

Rights UK (Weidenfeld)

One of the Girls

Lucy Clarke

The thriller writer’s newest has six friends travel to Greece to celebrate Lexi’s upcoming wedding. But all have a secret to hide and not all of them will make it through alive…

Agent Judith Murray

Rights UK (HarperCollins), US (Putnam)

Sun Damage

Sabine Durrant

Durrant returns with a story of nine guests at a remote villa in the south of France; at least one of them has plenty to hide—and nowhere to run.

Agent Judith Murray

Rights UK (Mulholland)

The Siege

John Sutherland

“Nine hostages. Ten hours. One chance to save them all.” A début thriller from a former police officer and hostage negotiator.

Agent Laura Williams

Rights UK (Weidenfeld)

Ways of Being

James Bridle

“Brilliant, searching” exploration of different kinds of intelligence—plant, animal, human, artificial—and how they transform our understanding of humans’ place in the cosmos.

Agent Antony Topping

Rights UK (Penguin Press), US (FSG), Brazil (Todavia), France (Editions du Seuil), Germany (Beck), Hungary (Libri), Italy (Rizzoli), Netherlands (Uitgeverij Volt), Russia (AST)

Greyhound Literary

The Red Sirens: A Ukrainian Family Memoir

Victoria Berezko-Frolova

A polyglot translator and journalist relates her childhood in Ukraine and explores the country’s 20th-century history as she investigates a mystery that has haunted four generations of her family.

Agent Charlie Campbell

Rights Hungary (Könyvmolyképzo), Aschehoug (Norwegian), Catalan (Enciclopedia), Finland (Tammi), Sweden (Brombergs), at auction in six other territories

The Present is a Made-up Thing

Abhishek Prasad

Dehli, 1997-set, “wry and powerful” Bath Novel Award-winning début with speculative elements centring on a 12-year-old Adi who must navigate the scars of India’s Partition and his family’s traumatic past.

Agent Julia Silk

The Crying Room

Amy Raphael

Journalist and middle-grade author Raphael turns to thought-provoking, gritty crime as a menopausal detective works against the clock to stop a second woman being killed.

Agent Charlie Campbell


Alan Rickman

The late actor’s diaries, kept for 25 years, illustrated with his own highly accomplished drawings.

Agent Natalie Galustian

Rights UK and Commonwealth (Canongate), North America (Holt), Czech (Euromedia), Polish (Poznanskie), Russian (Eksmo)

Five Steps to Financial Wellbeing

Clare Seal

A toolkit to help readers of all ages and life stages establish a healthy, positive relationship with money.

Agent Julia Silk

Rights World English (Headline), Bulgarian (ERA Mediya)

Hardman & Swainson

Women on Porn

Fiona Vera-Gray

Accessible, informed, evidence-based exploration of what pornography means for women (and to us all), written by a leading academic authority on pornography and feminism.

Agent Caroline Hardman

Rights Spain (Península)

The One that Got Away

Charlotte Rixon

A devastating mistake pulls apart university sweethearts Ben and Clara; 20 years later a tragedy seems destined to bring them back together.

Agent Caroline Hardman

Rights UK (Head of Zeus), US (St Martin’s), Hebrew (Tchelet), Hungarian (Libri Kiado), Romanian (RAO)

Beautiful Little Fools

Olivia Horrox

A coming-of-age novel on friendship, love and finding yourself, set against the backdrop of glittering Cornish seascapes: “all the glamour of The Great Gatsby and a dash of ‘Bridgerton’”.

Agent Thérèse Coen

I’m Sorry You Feel that Way

Rebecca Wait

An intricate and deftly written portrait of a family, detailing the effects of sibling rivalry, a domineering mother and an unspoken catastrophe from the past.

Agent Caroline Hardman

Rights UK (riverrun), Germany (Kein & Aber)

The Double Trouble Society

Carrie Hope Fletcher

A magical new middle-grade series mixing together two best friends, a witch’s curse and a haunted house in the perfect potion to enchant readers.

Agent Hannah Ferguson

Rights UK (Puffin), Italy (Garzanti)

HHB Agency

Baking Imperfect

Lottie Bedlow

A collection of recipes for sweet and savoury bakes from the stand-out star of 2020’s “The Great British Bake Off”.

Agent Elly James

Rights World (Hamlyn)

The Sleep of Reason

Mark Rowley & David Derbyshire

A tense and compelling thriller about toxic politics and the radicalisation of young men in Britain, co-written by UK counter-terrorism expert Rowley.

Agent Elly James

Rights World (Legend)


Melissa Thompson

A celebration of Jamaican food from its roots to the dishes that have made it the flavourful, individual, unique cuisine it is today.

Agent Heather Holden-Brown

Rights World (Bloomsbury)

The House on Rockaway Beach

Emma Burstall

A New York tale of sibling rivalry, family secrets and summer romance from bestselling author of the Tremarnock series.

Agent Heather Holden-Brown

Rights World (Head of Zeus)

The Slimming Foodie in One

Pip Payne

More than 100 one-dish recipes under 600 calories from the bestselling Slimming Foodie.

Agent Heather Holden-Brown

Rights World (Aster)

Janklow & Nesbit

The Fellowship of Puzzlemakers

Samuel Burr

Début featuring Clayton Stumper, abandoned at birth on the front steps of the Fellowship of Puzzlemakers, who must go outside the commune walls to solve the mystery of his parentage.

Agent Hellie Ogden

This Could be Everything

Eva Rice

February Kingdom’s parents were killed two years ago, and her twin sister died in a car crash just six months ago, but then she finds an escaped canary called Yellow, which sparks a glimmer of hope.

Agent Claire Paterson Conrad

Rights UK and Commonwealth (Simon & Schuster)

The Imaginary Patient

Dr Jules Montague

Consultant neurologist Montague draws on her experience of treating patients all over the world to explain why medicine gets patients wrong, and how diagnosis itself can make us sick.

Agent Will Francis

Rights UK and Commonwealth (Granta)

Briefly, A Delicious Life

Nell Stevens

Somerset Maugham-winner Stevens’ “dazzling” first novel has a teenage, ghost-watching George Sand and Frédéric Chopin have an unromantic holiday on Mallorca, and discovers her own love of life, women, creativity and unconventionality.

Agent Rebecca Carter

Rights UK and Commonwealth (Picador), North America (Scribner)

Endless Forms

Professor Seirian Sumner

Behavioural ecologist Sumner shows that wasps are the most diverse of all animals: beautiful, complex, ancient, and essential to the ecosystem.

Agent Will Francis

Rights UK and Commonwealth (William Collins), North America (Harper), Germany (HarperCollins), Italy (Guanda), Netherlands (Nieuw Amsterdam), Russia (Azbooka-Atticus)

Jenny Brown Associates

The Two-Headed Whale

Sandy Winterbottom

The story of the author’s voyage by tall ship from Uruguay to Antarctica in the footsteps of her then hero Shackleton and her discovery of the dark legacy of 20th-century whaling.

Agent Jenny Brown

Rights World English (Birlinn)

Death in Kabul

Alison Belsham & Nick Higgins

Crime writer Belsham teams up with her brother Higgins, a former UN security advisor on Afghanistan, for a “fast-paced” thriller set in Kabul 2003, in which a British ex-policeman and a female Afghan-American journalist join forces to solve a murder.

Agent Jenny Brown

Rights World English (Canelo), Italian (Newton Compton)

The Lost Garden of Kitty Maclean

Annabelle Marx

Début which tells the tale of a young woman banished to the remote Scottish Highlands who finds a new life as a herbalist and leaves behind secrets in a walled garden to be discovered 70 years later.

Agent Jenny Brown

The Awakenings

Sarah Maine

“Spell-binding” timeslip novel exploring the struggle for control over their lives by two women divided across centuries.

Agent Jenny Brown

Rights UK and Commonwealth (Hodder)

Jo Unwin Literary Agency

When the Dust Settles

Lucy Easthope

Memoir of Easthope, the UK’s leading expert on disaster recovery: “When a plane crashes, a bomb explodes, a city floods or a pandemic begins, she’s the one they call”.

Agent Jo Unwin

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc Canada (Hodder)

Think of Me

Frances Liardet

Historical novel about one couple’s journey through war, love and loss, and “how the people we love never really leave us”.

Agent Jo Unwin

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc Canada (4th Estate), US (Putnam), Czech (Euromedia), Dutch (Nieuw Amsterdam)

One Day I Shall Astonish the World

Nina Stibbe

Stibbe’s latest comic novel is the story of the wonderful and sometimes surprising path of a friendship: from its conspiratorial beginnings, along its irritating wrong turns, to its final gratifying destination.

Agent Jo Unwin

Rights World English (Viking)

People Person

Candice Carty-Williams

The Queenie author’s follow-up is a story of heart, humour, homecoming, and about “the truest meaning of family you can get when your dad loves his jeep more than he loves his children”.

Agent Jo Unwin

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc Canada (Orion), US/Canada (Gallery/Scout Press), Sweden (Albert Bonniers), French (Calman-Levy)

Welcome to Your Life

Bethany Rutter

Serena leaves the man she was “so lucky” to find, because she wants to find love. So, she sets herself a challenge: 52 weeks, 52 dates, 52 chances to find love.

Agent Rachel Mann

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc Canada (HarperFiction)

Johnson & Alcock

Marmalade Diaries

Ben Aitken

Real-life story of an unlikely friendship between a 35-year-old man sharing a house with a 85-year-old widow.

Agent Ed Wilson

Rights UK (Icon)


Kate Maxwell

“Richly textured” novel set between London and New York about the unspoken truths of motherhood, family and feminine ideals.

Agent Anna Power

Rights UK (Virago)

Death in Heels

Kitty Murphy

First in a “twisty and gripping” Dublin-set drag queen crime series. When one of the queens in a drag family is found dead, “poor little straight girl” Fi and her friends must “embrace their inner Dragatha Christies” to solve the mystery.

Agent Ed Wilson

Rights UK (Thomas & Mercer)

The Retreat

Sarah Pearse

The follow-up to Pearse’s bestseller The Sanatorium focuses around a body found in an eco-wellness retreat on an island off the coast of Devon—is the island’s terrible history going to repeat itself?

Agent Charlotte Seymour

Rights UK (Transworld), 28 others

The North Shore

Ben Tufnell

A hybrid fiction début about “place and memory, weird bodies, myths, folk tales and transformations”, featuring a genderless teenager rescuing a man washed up on the beach.

Agent Charlotte Seymour

Rights UK (Little, Brown)

Kate Nash Literary Agency

The Promise of Summer

Bella Osborne

Rom-com where a stranger accidentally leaves an engagement ring on a train and Ruby sets off with a fellow passenger she’d only just met, Curtis, on a madcap adventure to save the day.

Agent Kate Nash

Rights World English (Avon), Italian (Newton Compton)

The Year the World Went Mad

Mark Woolhouse

Epidemiologist Mark Woolhouse shares his insider’s story, having served on Covid-19 advisory groups to the UK governments, explaining what went wrong and how to avoid the mistakes again.

Agent Justin Nash

Rights World English (Sandstone)


John Fullerton

Former journalist and ex-spy Fullerton’s thriller has the next leader of China planning an invasion of Taiwan. Information is leaked to a former US security analyst: will a conflagration with the US inevitably follow?

Agent Justin Nash

The Fortunes of Olivia Richmond

Louise Davidson

Julia’s become the companion to Olivia Richmond, who supposedly can talk to the dead. Will Olivia see the ghosts of Julia’s past?

Agent Kate Nash

The Country Escape

Jane Lovering

“Funny, warm-hearted” novel has Katie and her 14-year-old daughter move from London into a ramshackle cottage near the village of Christmas Steepleton.

Agent Kate Nash

Rights World English (Boldwood), Italian (Newton Compton)

Ki Agency

Two Sky River

Alex Ries

“‘Star Wars’ meets Simon Stalenhag” in this lavish, fully illustrated novel by the acclaimed cult artist.

Agent Anne C Perry


Phoenicia Rogerson

A queer, feminist retelling the myth of Hercules.

Agent Anne C Perry

The Fall of the Dragon

Amber Chen

Iron Widow meets Ender’s Game” in this “silkpunk” crossover fantasy by one of WattPad’s rising stars.

Agent Anne C Perry

Kate Hordern Literary Agency

The Missing Wife and the Stone Fen Siamese

Kate High

Accompanying a grieving friend to her father’s funeral, animal rescuer Clarice finds herself embroiled in a mysterious disappearance from a crumbling Victorian mansion.

Agent Anne Williams

Rights World English (Constable)

The Bridesmaids

Victoria Jenkins

Holly’s hen weekend ends with a body in the swimming pool of their spectacular holiday rental and the realisation that one of her bridesmaids must be a murderer.

Agent Anne Williams

Rights World English (Bookouture)

Left for Dead

Joy Kluver

A young woman is brutally attacked in a local park and DI Bernie Noel quickly hones in on a prime suspect. But when the suspect dies on police watch, her instinct tells her there’s much more to his death than meets the eye.

Agent Anne Williams

Rights World English (Bookouture)

Dead Man Deep

Lynne McEwan

When the body of a man blistered by phosphorous burns is discovered on an uninhabited island in Scotland’s Solway Firth, lifeboat volunteer and detective inspector Shona Oliver finds her personal and professional life in collision.

Agent Anne Williams

Rights World English (Canelo)


Gentle Guidance

Marie Gentles

A groundbreaking book to help parents and carers understand, inspire and empower their kids.

Agent Luigi Bonomi

Rights World (Bloomsbury)

The Ship Beneath the Ice

Mensun Bound

Underwater archaeologist Bound’s “gripping and nail-biting” tale of following Shackleton’s journey while mirroring his own attempts to find the doomed ship “Endurance”.

Agent Luigi Bonomi

The Cabin in the Woods

Sarah Alderson

A dark and gripping psychological thriller from the bestselling author and screenwriter of Netflix movie, “The Weekend Away”.

Agent Amanda Preston

Rights World English (Avon)

Good Girls Die Last

N J Simmonds

When a heatwave gridlocks London, Em is forced to cross the city on foot. Meanwhile, a serial killer is closing in: he’s hunting women, women just like Em.

Agent Amanda Preston


Bea Fitzgerald

“One murder. Five suspects. 12 million witnesses”. A reality TV star gets murdered live on air—which of his fellow contestants is the killer?

Agent Hannah Schofield

Lorella Belli

Say Her Name

Dreda Say Mitchell & Ryan Carter

After the death of her adoptive parents, a young Black woman goes to look for her biological parents, but is soon drawn into “a merciless world where Black women disappear without a trace”.

Agent Lorella Belli

Rights World English (Thomas & Mercer), Farsi (Koolehposhti) B

The Love of my Other Life

C J Connolly

What if there was another you, with another life… with another husband? Début love story for “fans of The Time Traveller’s Wife and Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Maybe in Another Life”.

Agent Lorella Belli

Rights World English: Joffe Books

Rainbows End in Ferry Lane Market

Nicola May

Third romantic comedy in May’s Cornwall-set Ferry Lane series has broken-hearted art gallery owner Glanna getting on with her life, but “Cupid flies in, shooting arrows all over the place”.

Agent Lorella Belli

Rights World English (Hodder), Estonia (Pegasus), Netherlands (Uitgeverij Zomer & Keuning)

The Ash Lake Murders

Helen Durrant

The crime star’s first in her new Manchester-set Detective Alice Rossi series has the long-serving copper trying to stop a female serial killer in the Peak District.

Agent Lorella Belli

Rights World English (Joffe)

The Bones of Barry Knight

Emma Musty

A tale of grief and resilience with many lives colliding in a remote refugee camp.

Agent Lorella Belli

Rights World English (Legend)

Lutyens & Rubinstein

The Simple Truth

James Buckler

This eco-thriller has an ambitious young lawyer who agrees to do a favour for his firm’s biggest client, but a web of corruption begins to reveal itself.

Agent Jane Finigan

Rights UK (Transworld)

The CIA Bookclub

Charlie English

The former head of international news at the Guardian tells the still classified story of how during the Cold War the CIA smuggled millions of books through the Iron Curtain as part of the programme to win Soviet hearts and minds.

Agent Felicity Rubinstein

Rights UK (Harper Collins), US (Random House)

The Last Kings of Hollywood

Paul Fischer

The fascinating story of visionary directors Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, and the “birth of franchise-able IP”. Pre-empted in the US.

Agent Jenny Hewson

Rights UK (Faber), US (Celadon)

Beautiful Trauma

Rebecca Fogg

In 2006, Fogg suffered a partial amputation of her hand in a freak domestic accident. This extraordinary memoir explores the science and psychology behind her recovery.

Agent Felicity Rubinstein

Rights UK (Granta), US (Penguin)

The Island of Extraordinary Captives

Simon Parkin

A devastating indictment of the bureaucratic folly of Churchill’s 1940 order that all Germans living in Britain be interned.

Agent Jane Finigan.

Rights UK (Sceptre), US (Simon & Schuster), Germany (Aufbau)

Madeleine Milburn

Mother Country

Gamu Nhengu

A stunning coming-of-age story about growing up in the diaspora and the ways in which a mother and daughter change and grow to fit into a new environment.

Agent Madeleine Milburn

Dry Spells

Archana Maniar

Class collides with culture and climate change in a dual timeline novel set in the US and Mumbai that highlights the intertwined fates of two generations.

Agent Olivia Maidment

The Iron Widow

Victoria Rohner

An upmarket historical crime début that depicts the fictionalised account of a real life East Coast heiress charged with the murder of her Reverend husband and his mistress, culminating in one of America’s most notorious trials of the 20th century.

Agents Rachel Yeoh and Madeleine Milburn

The House with the Tamarind Tree

Nigar Alam

A story of “love tested to its limits”, set in 2019 and 1964, and about the beauty and fragility of childhood friendships.

Agent Giles Milburn

Rights North American: Putnam

Everything is Material: A New History of Humankind

Maikel Kuijpers

A major history of the material world by Dutch archaeologist and writer, exploring how materials have shaped the human world and how they can unlock a more sustainable future.

Agent Emma Bal

Marjacq Scripts

The Lady Detective

Hannah Dolby

“Funny, uplifting and romantic” début mystery novel set in Victorian-era Hastings, by the runner-up in the Comedy Women in Print awards 2021, about a twentysomething spinster who asks a seedy seaside detective to find her missing mother.

Agent Diana Beaumont

Everything is True: A Junior Doctor’s Story of Life, Death and Grief in a Pandemic

Roopa Farooki

An unflinching insider’s account of medicine in the first 40 days of coronavirus and the story of a sister’s grief.

Agent Catherine Pellegrino

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc. Canada (Bloomsbury)

The Dark Room

Lisa Gray

Twisty thriller of a man who sees an image of a murdered woman he once knew, but she had already died years before.

Agent Philip Patterson

Rights World English (Thomas & Mercer)

The Hike

Susi Holliday

Four friends go on a hiking holiday in the Alps, but only two come down from the mountains.

Agent Philip Patterson

Rights World English (Thomas & Mercer)


Marie Le Conte

A smart, journalistic exploration on the evolution of the internet from 2005 to now, reflecting on how it changed from a place where we could escape from real life, to a place where real life happened.

Agent Imogen Pelham

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc. Canada (Bonnier)

The Marsh Agency

Amphibious Soul: Finding the Wild in a Tame World

Craig Foster

Raw and personal memoir about the need for us “to live more wildly” from the South African naturalist and star of the Oscar-winning documentary “My Octopus Teacher”.

Agent Rachel Neumann (Idea Architects)

Rights UK (HarperCollins), North America (HarperOne)


Patrick Ryan

In rural Ohio, a wartime affair keeps two people afloat through their less-than-ideal marriages, but in small towns nothing stays hidden forever.

Agent Aragi, Inc.

Rights US (Little Random)


Ainslie Hogarth

Comic domestic horror novel about a woman who takes drastic measures to save her husband and herself from the ghost of her mother-in-law.

Agent Rach Crawford (Wolf Literary)

Rights UK (Atlantic), US (Vintage), Canada (Strange Light)

The Disenchanted Earth

Richard Seymour

Essays which “chronicle the kindling of ecological consciousness in a confessed ignoramus”.

Agent Indigo

Rights Spanish (AKAL)

Dirt Town

Hayley Scrivenor

When 12-year-old Esther disappears on the way home from school in a small town in rural Australia, the community is thrown into a maelstrom of suspicion and grief.

Agent Grace Heifetz

(Left Bank)

Rights UK and ANZ (Pan Macmillan), US (Flatiron), German (Eichborn), Lithuanian (Baltos Lankos), Portuguese/Brazil (Editora Rocco)


Speak to Me

Nicky Perfect

An eye-opening memoir by a former Met crisis and hostage negotiator.

Agent Susan Smith

Rights World English (HQ)

Untitled memoir

Mina Smallman

Following the murders of her daughters Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, former Archdeacon Smallman’s memoir will explore institutional racism and be a radical call for collective action.

Agent David Riding

Rights UK and Commonwealth (Ebury)


Shy Keenan

New edition of “the most shocking childhood story ever told”.

Agent David Riding

Rights UK and Commonwealth (Mardle)

The 24-Hour Dating Agency

Mary Jayne Bake

Latest “delicious” Yorkshire-set romantic comedy from Romantic Novelists’ Association winner.

Agent Laura Longrigg

Rights World English (Aria)

After She’d Gone

Alex Dahl

A timely psychological thriller about the danger of beauty, the lure of power and the fierce love of a mother for her son, by the bestselling author of The Boy at the Door.

Agent Laura Longrigg

Rights World English (Head of Zeus)

Morgan Green Creatives

The Piano Player of Budapest

Roxanne de Bastion

Following the death of her father, de Bastion inherits a piano and decides to trace its history; uncovering the incredible story of her grandfather’s days as a musician in Hungary, and his bid for survival after being imprisoned in Siberia and concentration camps.

Agent Kirsty McLachlan

Presence: The Strange Science and True Stories of the Unseen Other

Ben Alderson-Day

The science, psychiatry and philosophy behind the most unusual experiences known to humankind: the feeling that someone or something is there, without being seen or heard.

Agent Kirsty McLachlan

Rights US & Canadian (St Martin’s)

Staked Against Us

Sabrina Cohen-Hatton

A deep dive into the gender bias that surrounds success—and a rallying cry to change our perceptions of successful women. 

Agent Kirsty McLachlan

Rights UK and Commonwealth (Bonnier)

By the Fig and the Olive: A Year in Lambeth Palace Garden

Nick Stewart Smith

A comforting meditation through the seasons on the act of renewal, hope and gardening, and our place in nature, by the head gardener of Lambeth Palace Garden.

Agent Kirsty McLachlan

Mulcahy Sweeney

Edible Economics

Ha-Joon Chang

Chang’s “myth-busting, witty and thought-provoking” take on economics is to have us think about it like learning a recipe: if we understand it, we can change it—and, with it, the world.

Agent Ivan Mulcahy

Rights UK & Commonwealth (Penguin Press), North American (Public Affairs), Korean, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Romanian, Hungarian

Block, Delete, Move On: It’s not You, It’s Them


This is not a dating book that promises to find you a person to love; instead, it will help you spot the troublesome ones before it is too late, from the anonymous relationships expert.

Agent Ivan Mulcahy

Rights UK & Commonwealth (Bantam), German, French, Czech

Her Majesty’s Royal Coven

Juno Dawson

The first in a new supernatural series following a top secret government department of witches and the deadly threat to the nation that they must confront.

Agent Sallyanne Sweeney

Rights UK & Commonwealth (HarperVoyager), North American (Viking), German, Italian, French, Brazilian, Spanish

Teen Couple Have Fun Outdoors

Aravind Jayan

Full of bittersweet comedy and insight into contemporary Indian society and an online generation, “this is a story about now with the feel of a classic”.

Agent Ivan Mulcahy

Rights World English (Serpent’s Tail), French, Swedish, German, Italian

Sing, Wild Bird, Sing

Jacqueline O’Mahony

Set between famine-ravaged Ireland and frontier America; an Irish woman and Indigenous American man have a seismic encounter, changing the course of both their stories forever.

Agent Sallyanne Sweeney

Mushens Entertainment

The Dragon Hunger

Taran Matharu

A young captive bonds with a dragon and has to decide whether to risk it all to free his people.

Agent Juliet Mushens

Rights UK & US (HarperVoyager), Netherlands (Van Goor)

The Beholders

Hester Musson

A young servant in the Victorian era is enthralled by her mistress—but can she trust her?

Agent Juliet Mushens

Rights UK (4th Estate)

The Revels

Stacey Thomas

When a boy in the 17th century is offered everything in return for his silence, he must decide whether to stay in the shadows or expose himself as a witch.

Agent Liza DeBlock

Truth, Hope, Justice

Hope Bastine

True crime memoir of Bastine escaping, and bringing out the first custodial sentence in the UK against, the Children of God cult.

Agent Silé Edwards

Drown Me Out

Rhiannon Barnsley

When a woman realises the person drowning in her dream is real, she wonders what she must do to stop her dream from becoming reality.

Agent Silé Edwards

The North Agency


David Fenne

A humorous and high stakes queer YA urban fantasy début where the protagonist “manifests the emotions he feels—in opposite”.

Agent Lina Langlee


Damien Cifelli

The first in an upmarket teen adventure series, where a teenage boy joins an international secret society and travels around the world by ship to fight an evil organisation.

Agent Lina Langlee

The Thirteen Assassinations of Lulabelle Rock

Maud Woolf

The 13th Lulabelle is created to assassinate her predecessors, but as she discovers the small pleasures of life and meets the average-yet-extraordinary Artist, she grows increasingly reluctant to kill herselves.

Agent Lina Langlee

Echoes of the Runes

Christina Courtenay

The present starts to echo the past during an archaeological dig in this award-winning dual-timeline Viking romance.

Agent Lina Langlee

Rights World English (Headline), Czech (Dobrovsky sro), Italian (Newton Compton), Russian (Arkadia), Turkish (Eksik Parca)

A Bookshop Christmas

Rachel Burton

Unapologetically bookish, this festive romance sees bookshop owner and founder of the Die-Hard Romantics Book Club being forced to play nice as she hosts a book launch for an insufferable, albeit handsome, literary author.

Agent Lina Langlee

Rights: World English (Aria), Czech (Baronet), Hungarian (General Press Könyvkiadó)

Northbank Management


Nina Millns

Début upmarket suspense novel exploring activism, race and power: when Ayesha’s stand-up set goes viral, she finds herself entangled with a group of powerful feminist activists.

Agent Hannah Weatherill

Rights UK & Commonwealth exc. Canada (Simon & Schuste)r


Carolyn Kirby

The latest from historical novelist Kirby is an 18th Century-set exploration of “one young man’s journey to discover his identity and ensure his survival”.

Agent Hannah Weatherill

Miss Moneypenny

Claire Hubbard-Hall

Intelligence historian Hubbard-Hall goes in search of the fictional Miss Moneypenny of the James Bond film franchise and brings to life the forgotten women who worked behind the scenes in Britain’s secret services from 1909 onwards.

Agent Martin Redfern

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc. Canada (Weidenfeld)

The Path of Peace

Anthony Seldon

Mixing memoir with history, travel and nature-writing, Seldon walks the First World War frontline from Switzerland to the Channel coast, fulfilling the dream of a soldier a century ago.

Agent Martin Redfern

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc. Canada (Atlantic)

How to Stage a Coup

Rory Cormac

Professor of international relations Cormac on the “dark arts” that states like Russia increasingly use—from electoral interference to cyber sabotage—and how that is shaping our world.

Agent Martin Redfern

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc. Canada (Atlantic)

PEW Literary

Freezing Order

Bill Browder

Leading anti-Putin campaigner on his battles to sanction Russian criminal oligarchs worldwide and his escape from death threats and legal threats.

Agent Patrick Walsh

Rights UK & Commonwealth, North America and ANZ (Simon and Schuster), World Audio (Recorded Books), plus 11 translation deals

Poseidon’s Tears

Heather Jones

A revisionist history of the First World War, adopting a Mediterranean perspective and arguing that the First World War lasted far longer than believed.

Agent Doug Young

The Friendship Wheel

Rachel Benoît

A new language for human connection, using colour theory to help us understand our social worlds in all their richness.

Agent John Ash

Rights UK & Commonwealth (Jonathan Cape), North American (Random House), German (Penguin Random House), Dutch (Nieuw Amsterdam), Italian (Longanesi), Norwegian (Gyldendal)

Briefly Very

Rozalind Dineen

Début novel from a former TLS editor: among climate disaster, war and global collapse, a young mother sets off with her three children to find safety.

Agent Eleanor Birne

Magnificent Rebels

Andrea Wulf

The Costa Biography-winner returns with a story of how, between 1790 and 1800, an extraordinary collection of geniuses fled censorship to the liberal university town of Jena, where together they gave birth to the romantic movement.

Agent Patrick Walsh

Rights UK & Commonwealth (John Murray), North American (Knopf), German (C Bertelsmann), Spanish (Taurus), Dutch (Atlas Contact), Simplified Chinese (Ginkgo)


One Moment

Anna Hayes

The Lovely Bones meets Jojo Moyes, the story of two best friends, Scarlett and Evie, and what happens after a terrible accident changes everything. 

Agent Sarah Hornsley

Rights Romanian (Nemira)

The Dark Ages

Alice Rio

A narrative non-fiction account of the turbulent, explosive and curious epoch commonly known as The Dark Ages through the eyes of a number of prominent women of the period.

Agent Adam Gauntlett

Rights UK (Bloomsbury), US (Viking), Netherlands (Singel), Germany (Rowohlt), Spain (Critica)


Josephine Hart

Re-release of Hart’s internationally bestselling 1991 novel of dark obsessive love, now due to become a Netflix series.

Agent Giulia Bernabè

Rights UK and Commonwealth (Virago), US (under offer), Germany (Aufbau), Italy (Feltrinelli), Denmark (L&R), Canada (Profil), Hungary (Konyvmolykepzo)

Untitled book on Ukraine

Mikhail Zygar

The All the Kremlin’s Men author looks at Ukraine and Russia, based on his access to key player from politicians to oligarchs, including recent interviews with Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky and former Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev.

Agent Elizabeth Sheinkman

Rights US (Scribner)

Speaking and Being

Kübra Gümüşay

The huge German bestseller which explores how language shapes our thinking and determines our politics.

Agent Lisette Verhagen

Rights World English (Profile), Germany (Hanser), Italy (Fandango)

Rachel Mills Literary

The Cautious Traveller’s Guide to the Wastelands

Sarah Brooks

“Utterly transporting” début that blends a mystery set aboard a claustrophobic train and the reality-bending tropes of a fairy tale, from the winner of the 2019 Lucy Cavendish Prize.

Agent Nelle Andrew

Rights Spain (Urano), Germany (C Bertelsmann), Italy (Bompiani), Norway (Gyldendal), Finland (Gummerus), Patakis (Greece), Libri (Hungary), French (Sonatine)

The Shape of His Words

Sarah Marsh

Based on the true story of Ellen Lark, a deaf woman who was a student and protégée of Alexander Graham Bell, as he is on the cusp of inventing the telephone—and the darkness that surrounded their relationship.

Agent Nelle Andrew

The Bluebird

Catherine Gray

First novel from The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober author that asks the question: does how we are parenting irretrievably shape us, or can we rebel to draw our own destiny?

Agent Rachel Mills

Queen Marie

Tessa Dunlop

First major biography of Queen Marie of Romania, the “warrior nurse, English princess, outlandish lover, bestselling author” all but forgotten by history.

Agent Rachel Mills

Sh*t Your Therapist Is Thinking

Joshua Fletcher

Psychotherapist Fletcher’s “moving, revelatory and hilarious” book that takes us behind the scenes of the therapy room.

Agent Rachel Mills


Humanly Possible

Sarah Bakewell

The bestselling, prizewinning author’s celebration of 700 years of heroic humanists—and their enemies.

Agent Zoe Waldie

Rights UK (Chatto), US (Penguin Press), Canada (Knopf), Germany (Beck)

Old God’s Time

Sebastian Barry

Barry’s latest has a retired policeman settling quietly into old age when a knock on the door brings the past hauntingly back to life; exploring memory, grief and long buried secrets.

Agent Natasha Fairweather

Rights UK (Faber), US (Viking), Netherlands (Querido), Poland (ArtRage)


Ian McEwan

McEwan returns with a powerful meditation on history and humanity told through the prism of one man’s lifetime.

Agent Peter Straus

Rights UK (Cape), US/Canada (Knopf), 15 translation publishers

The Witching Tide

Margaret Meyer

Début novel taking in the witch hunts of 17th century England, recounting the horrors of the past while addressing urgent concerns we face in the present.

Agent Peter Straus

Rights UK (Phoenix), US (Scribner), five translation publishers

The Trembling Hand: Reflections of a Black Woman in the Romantic Archive

Mathelinda Nabugodi

A radical and intimate tour of the Romantic archive by the winner of the Deborah Rogers Foundation Award.

Agent Tristan Kendrick

Rights UK (Hamish Hamilton), US (Knopf)

Robert Caskie


Pragya Agarwal

An examination of the role gendering of emotions has played in the subjugation of women, in real life and in technologies, and a proposition of what an emotional utopia might look like.

Agent Robert Caskie

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc. Canada (Canongate)

The Red of My Blood

Clover Stroud

A compelling memoir about the magic of life, death and a sister’s love.

Agent Robert Caskie

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc. Canada (Doubleday)

Fierce Appetites

Elizabeth Boyle

Memoir meets medieval history in this “groundbreaking”, unique collection of essays on sex, grief, learning and addiction in the past and present.

Agent Robert Caskie

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc. Canada (Sandycove)

The Cure for Sleep

Tanya Shadrick

A memoir of transformation in middle age, with Shadrick redefining her life after a sudden near-death experience.

Agent Robert Caskie

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc. Canada (Weidenfeld)


Julian Hoffman

“Lyrical” blend of nature writing, journalism and political thought, asking what it takes to make this world a shared home.

Agent Robert Caskie

Robertson Murray

The Repair Shop

Elizabeth Wilhide; Jay Blades (foreword)

The first photographic book from the much loved BBC series “The Repair Shop”, in which the experts explain the love for their craft and tell the inside stories of their most popular repairs.

Agent Charlotte Robertson

Rights World (Kyle)

The Repair Shop Stories: The Christmas Doll

Amy Sparkes; Kate Hickey (illus)

First in a “moving and heart-warming” picture book series based on “The Repair Shop”, a magical Christmas story about the enduring power of kindness.

Agent Charlotte Robertson

Rights World (Walker)

Once Upon a Prime

Dr Sarah Hart

An exploration of how mathematics and literature can transform our understanding of each from the first woman to hold the role of Professor of Geometry at Gresham College.

Agent Jenny Heller.

Rights World (Flatiron)

Upshift: Turning Bad Stress into Good Stress and Crisis Into Creativity

Ben Ramalingam

An engaging investigation of how crisis and stress have the potential to inspire positive and creative—rather than destructive—outcomes.

Agent Jenny Heller.

Rights World (Flatiron)

Welcome to St Hell: A Trans Teen Adventure

Lewis Hancox

Ground-breaking graphic memoir from an unmistakably bold new voice in comics as he guides his younger self, Lois, through “her” years of teenage mess.

Agent Jenny Heller

Rights UK/US (Scholastic)

Sarah Such Literary Agency

The Dog-Walking Detective

Alex Burns

A retired actress finds herself unexpectedly walking dogs and solving murders in this cosy, warm-hearted three-book series, aided by a former policeman and a cast of larger-than-life characters (nothing bad happens to the dogs).

Agent Sarah Such

Kofi and the Rap Battle Summer

Jeffrey Boakye

Rap music, school and money-making schemes are just some of the adventures for young Kofi, his family and a group of friends in Jeffrey Boakye’s début middle-grade series “full of Black joy in ’90s London”.

Agent Sarah Such

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc. Canada (Faber)

Janey’s Ghost

Heather Cooper

Commercial women’s fictional account of the astonishing real-life story of Jane Morris—artist, wife, mother, mistress—a woman from the humblest of backgrounds who married and inspired William Morris, becoming the muse and great love of Dante Gabriel Rosetti.

Agent Sarah Such

The Mother of All Lies

Rachel Pashley

Feminist commentator Pashley skewers the myths and falsehoods around fertility and motherhood, and the language used to perpetuate these myths.

Agent Sarah Such

Musical World

Jeffrey Boakye

Dynamic follow-up to Musical Truth, a compelling pan-global, cross-era exploration of Black social justice across the ages told through the lens of music.

Agent Sarah Such

Rights UK and Commonwealth (Faber)

The Shaw Agency

All You Ever Wanted

Susan Elliot Wright

Psychological thriller about a new friend who comes into the life of struggling mum, Emily. She’s just what Emily needs. Or is she?

Agent Kate Shaw

Rights UK and Commonwealth (Simon & Schuster)

The Midwife of Auschwitz

Anna Stuart

Heart-breaking Second World War novel inspired by the incredible true story of a midwife working for love, life and hope in the darkest of places.

Agent Kate Shaw

Rights World English (Bookouture)

The Safe House

Louise Mumford

For 16 years Esther has been kept inside by her mother, told the air outside will kill her. On her 21st birthday she discovers it’s all lies.

Agent Kate Shaw

Rights World English (HQ Digital)

Here Comes the Sun

Jo Clegg

Steph and daughter Jessie are struggling to connect since Jessie’s dad died but come together to rescue an abandoned allotment plot.

Agent Kate Shaw

Rights UK and Commonwealth (Orion)

Sheil Land


Rachel Elliott

“Tender, heart-warming” novel about the cost of secrets and the power of hope, longlisted for the 2022 Women’s Prize for Fiction.

Agent Gaia Banks

Rights UK (Tinder)

The Twyford Code

Janice Hallett

The second bestselling novel from the author of 2021’s cosy crime breakout, The Appeal.

Agent Gaia Banks

Rights UK (Viper), US (Atria)


Mark Knowles

“Action-filled” reimagining of the Greek myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece, by a Cambridge classicist.

Agent Ian Drury

Rights UK (Head of Zeus)

The Manhattan Girls

Gill Paul

“‘Sex and the City’ meets the 1920s” in this sweeping novel featuring writers Dorothy Parker, Jane Grant and Peggy Leach.

Agent Vivien Green

Rights UK (Avon), US (William Morrow)

The Traitor of Colditz

Robert Verkaik

Drawing on unseen National Archives records, an epic Second World War spy thriller “spanning from Auschwitz to the nightclubs of Berlin”.

Agent Piers Blofeld

Rights UK (Welbeck)

The Soho Agency

A Mother’s Heart

Carmel Harrington

Widower Rachel is trying to pick up the threads of her new life as a single parent to two stepchildren in a Dublin coastal village, but risks losing it all.

Agent Rowan Lawton

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc. Canada (HarperCollins), North America (Bookouture)

And Finally

Henry Marsh

From the bestselling neurosurgeon and author of Do No Harm, an unflinching, personal exploration of death, life and neuroscience.

Agent Julian Alexander

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc. Canada (Cape), Portugal (Lua de Papel)

Dark Objects

Simon Toyne

A wealthy woman is found brutally murdered in the locked fortress of her sleek London mansion surrounded by mysterious objects, including a book on forensics by Dr Laughton Rees, whose own life was destroyed after witnessing her mother’s brutal murder.

Agent Alice Saunders

Rights World English (HarperCollins)

Stay Buried

Kate Webb

Wiltshire-based DI Matt Lockyer is side-lined to cold cases when personal loyalties interfere with procedural propriety; now he must revisit a decade-old murder investigation which still plagues him.

Agent: Mark Lucas

Rights World English (Quercus); Germany (Random House)

The Silence Project

Carole Hailey

A fictional memoir written by a young woman who is searching to understand her mother Rachel, who one day stops speaking and her silence inspires a worldwide cult.

Agent Marina de Pass

Rights UK and Commonwealth exc. Canada (Atlantic)

Sophie Hicks Agency

In the Heart of Hidden Things

Kit Whitfield

“Atmospheric and enchanting” fantasy exploring human virtues, conflicts and contradictions, set in a rural community amid disputes between landowners and the common folk.

Agent Sophie Hicks

Rights UK (Jo Fletcher Books)

Instant Fires

Andrew Meehan

Set over the course of a week in the German town of Heidelberg against the backdrop of the 2014 World Cup, telling the story of two lost souls “testing the pull of love and the weight of their family histories”.

Agent Sarah Williams

Rights Ireland (New Island)

The Drowning Day

Anne Cassidy

“Thrilling and thought-provoking” story of survival and hope set in 2052, a time when enormous floods threaten to devastate the land at any moment.

Agent Sophie Hicks

Rights UK (UCLan)


Alex Smith

Latest in Smith’s Norfolk-set series has DCI Kett’s team on a weekend team-building exercise, but then two locals turn up dead, poisoned by a new designer drug named Jaw Breaker.

Agent Sophie Hicks

Rights World Relentless Media, Czech (Dobrovsky), Estonian (Eesti Raamat), Finnish (Minerva), Italian (Newton Compton), Russian (Eksmo), Spanish (Atico de los Libros)

An Idler’s Manual

Tom Hodgkinson

A handbook for happiness, filled with simple idling tricks which will dissolve anxiety and make life in a hectic world more enjoyable.

Agent Sarah Williams

Rights World (Idler Books), German (Suhrkamp)

The Viney Agency

The King’s Secret: The Private Fortune of the Duke of Windsor

Mark Hollingsworth

The Londongrad author reveals the “shocking” finances of the Duke of Windsor, from the unpublished archives by his Swiss banker.

Agent Charlie Viney

A Cautionary Tale

Richard Dannatt & Robert Lyman

Retired general Dannatt and former chief of the general staff reflects on the stark failure of Britain and her army to prepare its military in the interwar era, and the prescient lessons for today.

Agent Charlie Viney

The Princes in the Tower: Solving History’s Greatest Cold Case

Philippa Langley

The writer who led the drive to discover Richard III’s body in a Leicester car park presents “remarkable new evidence” rewriting the fate of the sons of King Edward IV.

Agent Charlie Viney

Part of the World

Rhys Griffiths

Darkly funny take on the whodunnit: a historian is invited on a press trip to the mysterious nation of Poyais, with promises of historical discoveries that will change everything.

Agent Charlie Viney

The Brown Girls’ Guide to the Workplace

Sonya Barlow

A guide for young, brown women in the workplace, from tips on setting boundaries to playing a “double role” and navigating your family.

Agent Amberley Lowis

Watson, Little

Three Card Murder

Jenny Blackhurst

First in a new series of contemporary locked room mysteries, featuring DI Tess Fox and her con-woman sister Sarah Jacobs, who crack three seemingly impossible murders: but can the sisters crack a new moral code?

Agent Laetitia Rutherford

The Houseshare

Fiona O’Brien

When a high-flying London lawyer comes to take care of her grandmother in her Dublin flat, the other tenants of the elegant townhouse are all forced to re-evaluate all they know about love and family.

Agent Megan Carroll

Rights World English (Hachette Ireland)

Obsessive Intrusive Magical Thinking

Marianne Eloise

An honest and humorous début essay collection that explores Marianne’s relationship with her OCD via her various lifelong fixations.

Agent Megan Carroll

Rights World English (Icon), audio (W F Howes)

The Life of Crime

Martin Edwards

The first major history of crime fiction in 50 years that traces the evolution of the genre from the 18th century to the present, from CWA Diamond Dagger award winner, Detection Club president and Crime Writers Association archivist.

Agent James Wills

Rights World English (HarperCollins)


Alan Moore

The first-ever short story collection, spanning 40 years of work and featuring many never-before-published pieces, from the comics and speculative fiction giant.

Agent James Wills

Rights World English (Bloomsbury) Brazil (Editora Aleph) China (Yilin) France (Bragelonne), Poland (Czarna Owca), Russia (Eksmo), Taiwan (Locus)


A Quitter’s Paradise

Elysha Chang

The first acquisition for Sarah Jessica Parker’s new imprint, a humorous début novel about a young woman struggling to cope with her mother’s death, whose story becomes intertwined with those of her family.

Agent Claudia Ballard

Rights US (Zando)

Cinema Speculation

Quentin Tarantino

The filmmaker’s deep dive into the movies of the 1970s through essays, reviews and personal writing.

Agent Tracy Fisher

Rights UK (Orion), US (HarperCollins), Italian (La Nave di Teseo)


Lea Carpenter

A spy novel inspired by the true story of the 2008 CIA and Mossad assassination of a senior Hezbollah leader.

Agent Eric Simonoff

Rights US (Knopf)

The Singh Princesses

Krithika Varagur

“Stunning” historical saga of three sisters, scions of a South Asian empire, whose family has been stripped of land and authority, but not social standing or glamour.

Agent Jay Mandel

One Italian Summer

Rebecca Serle

“Moving and unforgettable” novel exploring the powerful bond between mother and daughter, set on the Amalfi Coast.

Agent Erin Malone

Rights UK (Quercus), US (Atria), Brazil (Editora Schwarz), Czech (Euromedia), Danish (Politikens), Hungary (Central), Romania (Nemira), Spain (Urano), Turkey (Yabinci)

The Wylie Agency

The Philosophy of Modern Song

Bob Dylan

The first book of new writing since winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016, the rock legend’s “master class on the art and craft of songwriting”.

Agent Andrew Wylie

Rights World English (Simon and Schuster), Italy (Feltrinelli), Germany (Beck) Netherlands (Spectrum), France (Fayard), Spain (Anagrama), Sweden (Bonniers), Japan (Iwanami), Denmark (Gutkind), Portugal (Relogio d’Agua), Brazil (Companhia das Letras), China (CITIC)

Who’s Afraid of Gender?

Judith Butler

A defence of the study of gender that spans philosophy, history, law, and reportage.

Agent Sarah Chalfant

Rights North America (FSG), UK (Allen Lane), Brazil (Boitempo), China (Shanghai Insight), Denmark (Klim), Finland (WSOY), France (Fayard), Greece (Alexandria), Italy (Laterza), Japan (Seidosha), Netherlands (Ten Have), Portugal (Orfeu Negro), Romania (Vellant), Spain (Planeta), Turkey (Metis)

A Ballet of Lepers

Leonard Cohen

A collection of Cohen’s early fiction, previously unpublished, which documents the development of one of the greatest artists of our time.

Agent Andrew Wylie; Emma Smith

Rights Canadian (McClelland & Stewart), UK (Canongate), US (Grove/Atlantic), Italian (Bompiani)

You Made a Fool of Death With Your Beauty

Akwaeke Emezi

The writer reimagines the love story in this fresh and seductive novel about a young woman seeking joy while healing from loss.

Agent Jacqueline Ko

Rights UK (Faber), US (Atria), Germany (Hanser Berlin), Finland (Kosmos)

Run Towards the Danger

Sarah Polley

The Academy Award-nominated screenwriter, director and actor contemplates stories from her own life, ranging from stage fright to high-risk childbirth to endangerment and more.

Agent Sarah Chalfant

Rights US (Penguin Press), Canada (Hamish Hamilton), UK (September)

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