A Call of Duty: Vanguard player accidentally revealed himself to be cheating while competing in an unofficial paid tournament this week. After drawing some suspicion about the legitimacy of his play, CoD streamer Kenji apparently tried to prove he wasn’t cheating by pointing a webcam at his monitor and streaming during a 2v2 Search and Destroy match.

Kenji’s team won the 2v2 match, but his competitors ImSasukee and iLuhvly decided to dispute the results with the tournament hosting service Checkmate Gaming. While reviewing Kenji’s stream, Checkmate noticed something strange. As shared in a clip on Twitter, at one point Kenji’s monitor cam plainly shows that he’s using wallhacks (a common cheat that lets you see enemies through walls). You can tell by the floating rectangles that appear on-screen—those are boxes drawn around enemy players that Kenji can track across the map.

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