Just as in Souls games gone by, Elden Ring is at its core a single-player experience, but that doesn’t mean you have to explore The Lands Between completely solo. If you’re wondering whether Elden Ring is multiplayer, here’s what you need to know.

Does Elden Ring Have a Multiplayer Mode?

Elden Ring does feature multiplayer gameplay, but not in the conventional sense. There isn’t, for example, a multiplayer mode that one selects from the main menu which might then open the sort of lobby you might expect to find in other games. Instead, multiplayer is integrated into the single-player campaign.

Twinfinite has written detailed guides on how to play Elden Ring multiplayer with friends if you’re interested in learning more about the process. You can also read up on how to invade other players’ games if you’re wanting to play PvP.

Multiplayer in Elden Ring functions similarly to previous Souls games, whereby players summon others to their aid for co-operative, PvE gameplay. Likewise, they can also invade other players’ games for PvP action. There are also other multiplayer elements to the experience, such as message-writing and the visibility of other players’ spirit forms as they navigate hub areas, such as Roundtable Hold.

You can read more about how to leave messages here.

Sadly, as we’ve discussed in our dedicated article on the matter, Elden Ring does not support crossplay, and so you won’t be able to enjoy multiplayer with friends if they’re using a different platform from your own.

That should give you everything you need to know about whether Elden Ring is multiplayer. For more useful tips and guides on the game, search Twinfinite.

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