Minecraft has one of the biggest maps in the entire gaming industry, with the overworld map expanding almost infinitely. With the game’s map only losing to a couple of games in terms of map size, players need a way to navigate themselves around Minecraft.

While the game does not have a minimap of the world map, it does have an item that helps quite a lot: the compass. Compasses serve the same purpose in Minecraft as in real life; they help players navigate the world.

However, the compasses in the game do not point in the north direction. A compass in Minecraft points towards the world spawn by default. This can change if the player changes their spawn location. Additionally, compasses point towards a lodestone block if used on one.

Steps to enchant a compass in Minecraft

One of the game’s many mechanics is enchanting, which allows players to imbue their weapons, tools, armor sets, and items with specialized “enchantments.”

These enchantments make a player’s equipment stronger and more effective in most cases. The compass is one of the many items that can be enchanted in the game.

There is only one enchantment that can be applied to a compass without using any sort of mods or additional tools, which is the “Curse of Vanishing” enchantment. Curse of Vanishing is an enchantment that makes an item disappear permanently if it is dropped due to the player dying.

However, players cannot use the enchantment table to imbue their compasses with this enchantment. This is due to the enchantment being categorized as a treasure enchantment. Treasure enchantments are only found in specific places or acquired due to activities like fishing and trading.

Players should be extra alert while carrying a compass enchanted with the Curse of Vanishing. Some possible ways to keep such a compass would be:

  • Storing it in a chest in the player’s base: If one doesn’t die carrying it, they can’t lose it.
  • Storing it in a shulkler box or an ender chest when not in use: Contents of these two blocks do not vanish when a player dies.
  • Throwing the enchanted compass on the ground just before dying: Manually thrown or dropped items enchanted with the Curse of Vanishing enchantment do not vanish.

How to get a compass in Minecraft

A compass can be acquired using a variety of methods. The first and foremost method is to craft it, which takes one piece of Redstone dust and four iron ingots.

Additionally, compasses can be found in chests located in structures like shipwrecks, strongholds, and villages. Players can also trade compasses with librarian villagers in exchange for four emeralds.

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