Elden Ring: What is The Age of Absolute Ending Supposed to Be About?

The fact that nobody has ever seen the Age of Absolute ending (if it even exists) obviously makes it pretty difficult to talk about what it means with…well, absolute certainty. However, there are a few popular theories about what the ending is reportedly all about.

It all starts with the ending’s name. The exact meaning of the word “absolute” kind of depends on the context you’re using it in, but most definitions of the word include the idea that it represents something that is total, complete, and unrestricted. That’s also why the word is commonly used to describe deities who operate with total authority.

So, it certainly makes sense that many of the most popular theories regarding Elden Ring‘s Age of Absolute ending tend to revolve around the player becoming a god or interacting with the gods in some way. A few variations of that theory involve the player helping some other diety rule the Lands Between (more on that in a bit), but most Age of Absolute speculation involves the gods and other powerful figures in the Lands Between. For instance, I don’t know if I quite buy into that fake video’s suggestion that the ending could be about the Two Fingers (representatives of the Greater Will) and the Three Fingers (a powerful force hellbent on destruction) joining forces, but that idea does fit nicely into the broad Age of Absolute speculation that is going around.

There is also the curious matter of Sir Gideon Ofnir. For much of Elden Ring, Ofnir is treated like a pretty important character. He’s mentioned in the opening cutscene, he’s described as a Tarnished who wishes to be all-knowing (perhaps “absolute?”) so that he may become Elden Lord, and he seems to hold a position of power and respect in Roundtable Hold. Yet, you end up killing Ofnir during a rather unceremonious boss fight that kind of feels like it was shoehorned into the game at the last minute.

Could it be that there is a way to ally yourself with Ofnir and help him become an all-knowing Elden Lord? After all, Ofnir’s final words (“A Tarnished cannot become a Lord. Not even you. A man cannot kill a god…”) do fit into the basic Age of Absolute ending theory. Furthermore, it still just feels odd that Ofnir doesn’t ultimately have a larger role to play in the game. The idea that he’s related to a secret ending known as the Age of Absolute does make a lot of sense.

As interesting as all of that is, none of it actually means much if it’s all based on fan theories and wild speculation. However, it turns out the Age of Absolute ending is actually a little more substantial than that. In fact, not everything in that joke video posted above is as fake as it may seem…

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