“Call of Duty” fans have been waiting for the game to feature a 200-player match. Warzone developers expressed their desire to implement this update, citing that they want to increase the total number of competitors on the Caldera from 150 to 200.

However, there’s something that is holding them back from rolling it out. Let’s find out.

‘CoD’ Warzone Devs Love to Increase Current Player Count

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Raven Software, the developer behind “Call of Duty Warzone” loves to add up to 200 players in the Caldera, but there’s a catch.

Some players are longing to expand the current number of players that could participate in “Warzone.” Indeed, many lambasted the developers for overlooking the possibility of adding more participants to the Caldera.

The location is ideal for wide-spaced combat since it has a lot of vacant spaces to offer. To add, some players do not like the new map design of the Caldera, Esports.com reported earlier this year.

Since then, many believed that limiting the number of players won’t do good since Raven Software is aiming for an improvement of the game over time. Either way, it’s a battle royale game that is open to welcoming more Caldera slots.

Speaking of their plans regarding this potential update, Josh Bridge, the Senior Creative Lead behind “Warzone” said that it could take place later given that the team already tested it.

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Why ‘Warzone’ Devs Might Not Implement it

In a report from Dexerto, the game devs are concerned about how to introduce this feature into “Call of Duty.” Although it’s feasible, it appears that the “technical challenges” are seen to be the main hindrances of it.

Raven Software said that it might have performance issues on several “last-gen” gaming consoles. Thus, this might hint at splitting the audience to fully enjoy this perk.

Apart from that, Creative Director Ted Timmins clarified that the team is now focused on bringing rich features for the gameplay improvement. At the moment, the team believes that it will engage more players in the long run.

“We’re really moving away from tons of new LTMs and game modes, and really focusing on what core new stuff we can put into the game. If feature A meets feature B then get this amazing clip that now goes across Twitter [and] Reddit, so that’s where really putting out energy,” Timmins said.

If the changes go well according to plan, we might see this feature on “Warzone 2.” The developers could be discussing this every now and then and how they can bring it to the game without compromising the console’s performance.

‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ April Fools’ Patch Notes

Meanwhile, “Call of Duty: Warzone” released the latest patch notes for April Fools’ Day, per Dot Esports. The majority of the game adjustments and updates appeared to be hilarious for the players. Some of them include a fake Contract” dubbed “Subscribe Now!” and the absence of Custom Loadouts.

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