Nora Fawn, a popular cosplayer, recreated Ranni the Witch’s iconic look in a brilliant cosplay that brings the bewitching character to life.

One Elden Ring fan just showed off her love for the game’s beloved four-armed witch in a spectacularly detailed cosplay.

Nora Fawn is a popular cosplayer on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and Twitch, known for cosplaying characters ranging from Arcane‘s Jinx to Batman‘s Catwoman. Fawn brought the beloved character to life with incredible detail, from the fur cap down to the (photoshopped) second pair of arms. Fawn sports Ranni’s signature white gown, oversized floppy witch’s hat, pale blue skin, blue wig and, of course, the additional arms, all of which are done to such high quality it looks as if Ranni herself stepped out of the game into the real world. She did similarly detailed work on a cosplay of Elden Ring‘s Melina as well.

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Inspired by the character from the critically acclaimed Elden Ring, the costume captures the witch’s mysteriousness as well as her unique combination of innocent and horror elements. Ranni is one of the most complex characters in the game, one whose storyline adds considerable hours of lore, plot and even an alternate ending. Considering how quickly the character appears to have captured the love of fans, it comes as no surprise that a cosplay veteran like Nora Fawn would try their hand at capturing Ranni’s iconic look.

The daughter of Radagon and Rannala, Ranni and her siblings achieved demi-god status after the departure of their father. Ranni also appears to be only a partly corporeal spirit, constantly wandering in search of a way to restore herself. Although the completion of Ranni’s quest is deeply involved, which could be off-putting to many players, the quest itself provides so much to the overall story, not to mention several great rewards, that it is beneficial to players to complete her story.

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Nora Fawn’s Ranni cosplay is far from the only bit of art made by fans for FromSoftware’s works. One fan recently drew incredible fan art in celebration of Elden Ring‘s release inspired by the poster for Akira. This one featured Elden Ring‘s protagonist, the Tarnished, as they walk towards an armored horse. Another artist beautifully captured the elegance of the fear-inspiring Silver Knights of Dark Souls, which took down many players from their room-top vantage points in the great city of Anor Londo.

For fans interested in playing Ranni’s quest or simply diving into the fantasy world of the Lands Between, Elden Ring is available to play now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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