Being one of the most played games, Minecraft unsurprisingly has one of the biggest modding communities. There are thousands of unique mods available for players to enjoy for free.

Choosing which one to play can be confusing with a plethora of mods available. To avoid this, developers started creating modpacks, which are bundles of different mods put together depending on their compatibility and interaction with other mods.

Many players might have heard about modpacks but have never actually tried them before. In this article, players can learn about some of the best modpacks. Interested players can dive into the world of modpacks with the best ones listed below.

Top 5 Minecraft modpacks this year

5) SkyFactory 4

Skyblock is one of the most famous game modes among Minecrafters. In this mode, players spawn on a tiny floating island, levitating over the void. Players have access to a limited amount of resources and must make use of everything they’ve got to progress in the world.

SkyFactory 4 is a modpack designed for skyblock gameplay. With this modpack, players can enjoy magic, technology, automation, and many other features in the skyblock world. SkyFactory 4 also features tons of new blocks and items from other popular mods.

Download SkyFactory 4 from here.

4) The Pixelmon Modpack

Like Minecraft, Pokemon is one of the most popular franchises in the gaming community. The Pixelmon Modpack was created with the idea to bring Pokemons into the pixelated sandbox worlds.

This modpack is centered around The Pixelmon Mod, which adds various Pokemons, iconic Poke battles, and unique items. It also features helpful mods like JourneyMap, Biomes O’ Plenty, etc., to create an atmosphere like original Pokemon titles.

Download The Pixelmon Modpack from here.

3) Mustard Virus

Vanilla game mode has different varieties of zombies, but they still feel underwhelming to many players. Unlike zombies from fiction, MC zombies do not spread their virus to all mobs. Players interested in realistic zombies can try the Mustard Virus modpack to find themselves at the beginning of a zombie apocalypse.

In this modpack, mustard virus has spread and wiped out humanity. Players should do their best to defend against zombies attracted to sound, light, and almost any disturbances.

Download Mustard Virus from here.

2) RLCraft

RLCraft means Real life Minecraft. Developer, Shivaxi, has done their best to make the mods as difficult as possible. Almost everything in this modpack is ready to attack the player.

A simple task like chopping down a tree can throw players into a fight with a hidden tree monster. It is expected to die frequently in RLCraft modpack.

Download RLCraft from here.

1) Better Minecraft

This modpack features many of the best MC mods. By installing this modpack, players can get almost all the features the community has been asking for. It adds new ores, trees, biomes, mobs, dimensions, tools, weapons, pets, and many more things. This modpack stands by its name and is highly recommended.

Download Better Minecraft modpack from here.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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