Players of Minecraft can create some impressive maps. This can be anything from castles to battle arenas and even sprawling city maps like Greenfield. Greenfield is the largest city available in the game, and players can easily download the map to explore it on their own. Players can step foot in this amazing city by downloading this map.

How players can download Minecraft’s largest city Greenfield in 2022

The first thing that players will want to do is make sure they have enough room on their PC to download a map, especially one of this size. Currently, the latest release of this map sits at 605.15 MB of data for players to download. Players should go to a reputable website to download it. Here is an example for players to download the file.

Step by step guide

Players should first head to a reputable website, such as the one listed above and then they will want to download the file. Once they download the file, they should receive a file with an extension of .mcworld.

If the file does not have a .mcworld extension, players can try to change the extension to .mcworld. Once this is done, players should double click on the file and it should be able to open the game.

If the file does not open

Sometimes, it does not work right away when a player downloads a new world. If this is the case, players may have to troubleshoot to make the world work for them. Players will want to follow the following steps:

For Java Edition:

  • Extract the downloaded file.
  • Navigate to the Minecraft folder and locate the folder inside it called Minecraft.
  • Inside of this folder should be a worlds folder. This should be where players paste the extracted files to.
  • Players should then run the game and if done correctly, they will see a folder listed under the worlds that lists the new world they just downloaded.

For Bedrock Edition:

  • Extract the downloaded file.
  • Navigate to the Minecraft folder and locate the folder inside it called game/com. Mojang.
  • Inside of that folder is one named Minecraft worlds. This is where players will need to paste the extracted folder for the world they downloaded.
  • If done correctly, players will see the new world listed in a folder when they go into the list of worlds they have in the game.

Players can now go into the world and have fun

Once players have downloaded the massive Greenfield city, they will be able to go in and explore to their heart’s content if the above steps were performed correctly. Players can then save and redesign any aspect of the world and make it their own.

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