If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. The city has been a melting pot for high fashion and streetwear for decades, with its SoHo district being the center of that combination. Gaming may not seem like a natural fit to join those ranks, but French fashion label Lacoste is proving doubters wrong. 

At Lacoste’s flagship store in downtown Manhattan, the brand hosted a two-part event on Thursday night, marking the US launch of its Lacoste x Minecraft collection. With stylish athleisure like hoodies, sweatpants, and more to get you ready for the spring and summer seasons, there was a lot to celebrate.

Image via Lacoste

The afternoon kicked off with gaming influencer Brycent opening up the doors for consumers to shop the latest line, as DJ Doug Rand played bass-heavy beats through the store. The world of Minecraft veered IRL, with custom game tiling covering the floors and Creeper heads, the game’s hissing green mascots, adorning the mannequins dripped out in the newest line. 

“Minecraft is like the Mona Lisa of gaming,” Brycent told Complex. “It’s always going to be there and it’s always going to have that optimal feel of that whole audience.”

Entrants were given the opportunity to join Brycent in the customized Lacoste gaming station, where its virtual Minecraft map sprang to life in a custom display that merged the virtual metaverse with this real-world boutique. He spent time playing the Croco Island custom Minecraft map with elated attendees, exploring tennis mini-games, a digital version of the brand’s store, and a multitude of discoverable virtual activities.

Lacoste x Minecraft New York City
Image via Lacoste

“I think Lacoste made it really immersive,” Brycent said about the store. “I can sit with a kid that’s 20 years younger than me and we can connect on a game that we both enjoy playing. It’s like the perfect blend of gaming culture, streetwear culture, and creating a mix of the two.”

Then the party kicked off and the collection truly sprang to life. Attendees like rapper Dave East and influencers like Ryan Lopes, Olivia Ponton, Zack Lugo, and Emma Brooks sampled artisanal bites, drinks, and custom cookies designed like Minecraft bricks. The centerpiece was an elegant crocodile cake inspired by the Croco Island map that was as mouth-watering as it was gorgeous.

Lacoste x Minecraft New York City
Image via Lacoste

For nearly 90 years, Lacoste has continued to grow with its audience, following them directly into the world of virtual gaming. 

“The real power that comes with Minecraft and a brand like Lacoste is that you have so many people with different backgrounds that really love the game. You have this perfect making of a collab,” Brycent said. “You have the crocodile and it makes sense to put it in this pixelated world that’s so cohesive.”

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