Are you still having trouble with Elden Ring? Never fear! We’re back with another tips video to help you tackle FromSoftware’s exceptional open world title. This time we’re focusing on 10 really important things Elden Ring never actually tells you, from weapon scaling to status icons.

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0:00 Intro
00:56 Weapon scaling VS Upgrading weapons in Elden Ring
03:26 Best attributes to level up in Elden Ring
05:54 Getting a hug from Fia is a bad idea. Sort of.
08:00 Don’t get caught out by pesky status effects
08:58 How to understand damage types in Elden Ring
10:59 Consider two-handing a
weapon to deal more damage
11:43 Big enemies cam
cause damage to one another
12:17 Torrent: The best video game
mount in any video game ever
13:43 How to track quests in Elden Ring
14:50 Outro

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