All battle royale games have that iconic map, and Verdansk was just that for Call of Duty: Warzone—the cityscape battlefield was the title’s only major map until Vanguard came along. With the release of Vanguard, Verdansk was replaced by Caldera.

The change meant adaptation for players, and with time, Warzone fans also grew to love Caldera and its tropical POIs. It’s relatively hard to replace the original, however, and CoD fans may find themselves wishing for a dose of nostalgia.

Though having both maps present in the game sounds ideal, the massive file size of Warzone makes it infeasible. Bringing back the map would mean a gigantic patch for the players, a sore sight to see for fans with a slower internet connection.

So, for now, there’s no set date for a long-awaited Verdansk return in Warzone.

Verdansk doesn’t have a set return date, but Activision Alex Summers’ commented on the matter during a livestream, stating Verdansk could return to certain platforms.

Considering all the platforms Warzone’s available on can handle large patches, it seems likely the platform in question could be something newer. Warzone Mobile is currently in the works, Activision has confirmed. If the developers decide to copy the same timeline from the original game, Verdansk is highly likely to become the first available map in the mobile version of Warzone.

If the devs follow the same plan, however, Verdansk return could be short-lived since it will again have to take a step back for newer maps that will see adaptations.

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