Over the last three days, Dot Esports surveyed over 20 Call of Duty League coaches and general managers with a pool of questions that included who they believe are the best players are in the league right now, the most impressive Challengers players so far, the worst map in each game mode, and if Berlin should be added into the Control map set rotation.

Shotzzy, Cellium, and Dashy are, of course, at the top of the voting when it comes to the best player at each position. Shotzzy was also voted as the best player in the game right now.

Havok was voted as the most impressive Challengers player so far this season. Toronto Ultra’s substitute and academy player Scrappy came in second, while KiSMET and European player Wardy tied for third.

Control has been a controversial topic this season. With only two maps in the current rotation for Vanguard, players, coaches, and fans have been begging for a third map option since the beginning of the season. Thankfully, Sledgehammer released a spawn update that included changes to Berlin Control. And judging by the results of today’s survey, the map is now completely viable for competitive play.

Spart made his mark on the league during Major Two in a unique fashion. He introduced the Volk into the meta, but it wasn’t long before it was evidently restricted via gentlemen’s agreement. So we asked coaches and general managers about their thoughts on the weapon and over half of them agreed with the decision.

Finishing off the survey, we asked how happy coaches and general managers are with how the league has been run so far this season, what Sledgehammer’s communication has been like with changes to the game that affect competitive aspects for Vanguard, and how they’d rate Vanguard overall⁠.

Here are the results of our 2022 Call of Duty League midseason coach and GM survey. The results of our preseason survey from January can be found here.

Should Berlin be added to the Control rotation?

  • Yes – 100 percent
  • No – zero percent

Should the Volkssturmgewehr be restricted?

  • Yes – 53 percent
  • Undecided – 27 percent
  • No – 20 percent

Which grand finals format would you prefer?

  • Two best-of-five series – 80 percent
  • One best-of-nine series – 20 percent

Top SMG players during the first half of the season?

  1. Shotzzy
  2. Simp
  3. Scump

Top flex players during the first half of the season?

  1. Cellium
  2. iLLeY
  3. Sib

Top AR players during the first half of the season?

  1. Dashy
  2. Arcitys
  3. Methodz

Top rookie players during the first half of the season?

  1. Capsidal
  2. Sib
  3. Pred

Top overall players during the first half of the season?

  1. Shotzzy
  2. Cellium
  3. Dashy

Most impressive Challengers players so far this year?

  1. Havok
  2. Scrappy
  3. KiSMET and Wardy (tie)

Which teams need a roster change the most?

  1. Minnesota RØKKR
  2. Los Angeles Thieves
  3. New York Subliners

Team most likely to win Major Three?

Atlanta FaZe

Team most likely to win Champs?

Atlanta FaZe

Worst Hardpoint map?

  • Gavutu – 47 percent
  • Bocage – 33 percent
  • Tuscan – 20 percent
  • Berlin – zero percent

Worst Search and Destroy map?

  • Bocage – 53 percent
  • Desert Siege – 40 percent
  • Tuscan – seven percent
  • Berlin – zero percent

Worst Control map?

  • Gavutu – 93 percent
  • Tuscan – seven percent

On a scale of one to 10, how happy are you with how the league has been run so far this season?

Average answer: 5/10

On a scale of one to 10, how good has Sledgehammer’s communication been with changes that affect competitive aspects of Call of Duty: Vanguard?

Average answer: 3/10

On a scale of one to 10, rate Call of Duty: Vanguard overall.

Average answer: 4/10

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