One Elden Ring shares a striking and adorable piece of fan art that brings Jar-Bairn and his huge uncle Iron Fist Alexander together at last.

Elden Ring features more NPCs in its sprawling open-world setting than any other FromSoftware title to date, but some of those NPCs are more popular than others. One of the game’s most popular characters is Iron Fist Alexander, the giant Living Jar who can be encountered stuck in the ground. Recently, one Elden Ring fan created a piece of fan art that unites Iron Fist Alexander with Jar-Bairn, another Living Jar character.

Living Jars are a type of enemy found in Elden Ring that takes the form of giant, animated jars with limbs. They are informally known as Jar Boys or Pot Boys by fans, many of whom have found the Living Jars endearing since the game’s early marketing campaigns.


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Redditor bird9270 shared a gorgeous piece of Elden Ring fan art dedicated to Iron Fist Alexander and Jar-Bairn, depicting the two Living Jars interacting. In the game, Iron Fist Alexander is Jar-Bairn’s uncle, and the smaller Living Jar has a very high opinion of him. This fan art showcases Jar-Bairn standing on Iron Fist Alexander’s lid and flexing proudly while his uncle appears to be gesturing proudly. A flock of pigeons surrounds them while two figures, one in red and one in white, stand in the background.

According to a reply on their official Twitter, the artist made this piece using inspiration from an AI. They explained that they started out by drawing out a monochrome thumbnail that just showed Jar-Bairn standing on top of Iron Fist Alexander and flexing against a grayscale background. Then they fed it into an AI to get inspiration for the color scheme, as well as what could be going on around the jars. This led to the warm cream and gold color scheme as well as the addition of the birds and colorful onlookers.

In the game, Jar-Bairn and Iron Fist Alexander do not have a chance to interact where the player can see them. Iron Fist Alexander’s questline takes him across the Lands Between in search of a good fight until he finally asks the player character to duel him, while Jar-Bairn can only be encountered in Jarburg. Despite this, Jar-Bairn looks up to Iron Fist Alexander and expresses a desire to one day follow him on the path of the warrior. If the player decides to follow Jar-Bairn’s questline, he will eventually do so, setting off on his own journey.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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