With the world opening up again, more and more in-person gaming events are starting to take place. Collegiate tournaments are beginning to happen on campuses again, allowing for players to go face-to-face against their opponents.

Illinois State University’s Call of Duty team showed no mercy when being involved in one of their first in-person events.

The team entered the finals event with high hopes. Its goal to compete at the highest level was met with excitement, as the team won their matches 3-0.

“We were very confident going in and have performed well in the CCL the past month,” Matthew Hubbard, ISU senior and competitor for the Call of Duty team, said. “Our teamwork is pretty advanced for a college team and our practice has been really good the past few weeks.”

The team played three game modes: ‘Hardpoint’, ‘Search-and-Destroy’ and ‘Control.’ Hubbard said each mode requests extreme focus and determination between players.

“We have come a long way since the start of the program and will continue to represent Illinois State at the highest level,” Hubbard said.

The Redbirds’ team is currently ranked 21st out of all the universities involved in the league.

Several students expressed desire for more in-person events to be held. Along with this, as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted more universities showed interest in hosting face-to-face events.

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