Minecraft has a gigantic community that has some of the most entertaining content creators of all time. These content creators started off as players at first. However, they have evolved their channels and communities into a large group of like-minded people who love the game.

Survival mode is one of the best and most played game modes in Minecraft. This game mode involves players trying to survive inside the gigantic world of the game.

Players must hunt or farm for food, travel to explore new places, gather resources, and fight off monsters and other players. With so many things to watch out for, some players, especially the new ones, can use some tips to understand and play this mode in a better way. To help such players, several YouTubers and content creators often post videos of tips and tricks players can use to survive in this game mode. This article will feature some of the best content creators to follow on YouTube for survival tips.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinion.

Minecraft survival: The 5 best content creators on YouTube

5) Pixlriffs

Pixlriffs is a content creator from England, who is a part of the hugely popular Empires SMP server. He is known for the educational aspect of his YouTube channel and for helping players learn the game as he plays it.

One of the most well-known projects on his channel is his ‘Minecraft Survival Guide’ series, which focuses on tutorials and guides about various items, blocks, processes, mobs, farms, and more. Some of his most popular survival-based episodes include ‘How To Find Diamonds,’ ‘Into the Nether,’ and ‘Starting a Nether Hub.’

4) silentwisperer


silentwisperer, or ‘silent’, is an American YouTuber and his channel focuses on a variety of Minecraft content, from mob farms to useful tips about many of the blocks in the game. He is quite fond of automation and works with machinery and redstone a lot.

A ton of survival farms and structural builds can be found on the channel, encouraging players to attempt these builds in survival mode themselves. Players can also expect to find a ton of information about bugs and glitches that they can then explore themselves.

3) Block Facts


Block Facts is a channel that mostly focuses on survival tips and tricks in its videos. The channel has garnered a significant number of viewers in the past year, with the introduction of YouTube shorts. The shorts are hugely popular and focus on interesting facts for many blocks in the game.

2) Dream


Clay “Dream” needs no introduction. Dream is one of the biggest Minecraft YouTubers on the internet, and he is known for his speedrunning content, Manhunt series, and various collaborations with other content creators. However, there is a reason he is on this list.

Dream’s Minecraft Manhunt series, as many players already know, takes place in survival mode. Over the years, there have been tons of moments where Dream has had to escape at a moment’s notice, which has resulted in Dream displaying some of the most difficult and high-IQ parkour moves and survival tricks. Many players can learn from him and try to implement the same in their own survival worlds.

1) Mumbo Jumbo


Mumbo Jumbo is a popular name in the Minecraft community. He is known for making videos and guides about redstone, automation, and machinery. His redstone contraptions are among some of the best in the game, and his automatic farm ideas are innovative and perfectly suited for survival mode.

Every Minecraft YouTuber has their own unique style of playing, commentating, and making videos. Many YouTubers commit themselves to speedrunning (finishing the game as quickly as possible), while others band together with fellow players and content creators to weave stories to remember.

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