One of the most challenging aspects of Elden Ring is trying to find enough items or gear to make combat or world traversal easier. As any Elden Ring player knows, making the game simpler to navigate is always something that’s welcome.

In classic FromSoftware fashion, however, trying to make the game easier is difficult. Players can scour for hours looking for a certain item to craft something they need or a piece of armor to complete their set. This drawn-out searching has led players to ask if there’s any in-game mechanic that can increase item discovery.

Luckily, there are two items in Elden Ring that actually boosts item drop rate, making it much easier for players to find an item they’re looking for. The first item is called the Silver-Pickled Prowl Foot, and it’s classified as a consumable that increases item discovery by 50 for a short duration (three minutes). Players can consume and then go out hunting for whatever item or gear piece they’re searching for. The second item is the Silver Scarab, which is a Talisman players can wear.

The Silver Scarab is slightly more effective than the Silver-Pickled Prowl Foot, raising item discovery by 75. It can also be worn and taken off at any time. This means whenever players want to farm enemies, all they need to do is equip the Talisman. Then, when they’re done farming, they can take it off.

To find the Silver Scarab, players need to make it all the way to Grand Lift of Rold in the Forbidden Lands. From here, players need to access the Hidden Path to the Haligtree, which is found near the Site of Grace players use to go to the Consecrated Snowfields. The Fextralife Wiki has a detailed explanation for how to get to the Silver Scarab Talisman in this section of the game.

On the other hand, the Silver-Pickled Prowl Foot is both able to be bought and crafted. Of course, being able to craft the item is a more efficient way of going about acquiring the item. A quick and easy way to acquire the item in bulk is to kill Gostoc in Stormveil Castle, though. This is the NPC that appears after Margit and gives players the choice of opening up the gate or taking the back-alley route through the castle. If players choose to kill Gostoc and loot their body, they will be able to purchase the Silver-Pickled Prowl Foot from the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold.

In order to craft the Silver-Pickled Prowl Foot, players need to loot the Missionary’s Cookbook (3). This specific cookbook is located at the Smoldering Church in northeast Caelid/northwest Limgrave. It’s found due southeast of the Minor Erdtree once players enter Caelid from Limgrave.

At the Smoldering Church, players can find the cookbook lying on a body, which they can pillage and add the Missionary’s Cookbook (3) to their collection. With the cookbook now in their possession, players can go into their Crafting Menu and find the Silver-Pickled Prowl Foot’s recipe. The materials required to craft one Silver-Pickled Prowl Foot are:

  • 1 Silver Firefly
  • Four-Toed Fowl Foot
  • 3 Rowa Fruit

These materials aren’t too difficult to attain, though the Four-Toed Fowl Foot could give some players trouble. To loot this foot item, players need to kill and loot Eagles or Guillemots. Eagles are located all over the map while Guillemots are the penguin-looking creatures that are mostly found in West Limgrave or at the Church of Dragon Communion. It’s recommended to farm Guillemots if players want to loot Four-Toed Prowl Foots, as they have a 25 percent chance to drop the item.

With all of the other materials in hand, players can craft Silver-Pickled Prowl Foots and then consume them. During the three-minute window the item is active, players need to kill as many enemies as possible to make full use of the boosted drop rate.

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