Everything we overlooked after 100 hours.

Elden Ring is a dense game. Even after playing 120+ hours, there are dungeons I’ve never explored, bosses I’ve never beaten, and weapons I’ve never used. There is just so much stuff in the Lands Between, it’s no wonder most of us are going to miss the incremental details that the game really does not explain. We’ve been investigating those itty-bitty little details you probably didn’t know. From hidden features to buffs and bonuses, here’s all the stuff I didn’t know about until just now.

Even if you’re an Elden Ring expert, there’s going to be at least one thing on this list that completely blows your mind. I’ll go through the selections fast — if you want to know more, you’ll have to investigate yourself. We’ve only got so many words to spare, so let’s get started with this extremely quick list of obscure stuff. We’ll start with the easy stuff and get into the advanced things later.

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#1. You can sort items by “Most Recent” by left-clicking. Incredibly useful later in the game if you don’t know what you just picked up and want to read the item description.

#2. Hold down the D-Pad direction to select the first item slot. Extremely useful for selecting healing automatically. Works the same for spells, summons, and weapons.

#3. Can quickly fast-travel to Roundtable Hold with two buttons. No more slowly scrolling across the map. Check the button prompts at the bottom of the screen. You can also click the right-stick to swap between upper and lower levels of the map.

#4. There is a Site of Grace at the Roundtable Hold. You can use it! It isn’t necessary, but you can.

#5. There’s a secret village of Jars called Jarburg. Find it in a secluded cliff on the east edge of Liurnia of the Lakes, near the Carian Study Hall. The road is destroyed leading to the village, so you have to drop in from above.

#6. You can ride spirit springs up onto high cliffs or jump down onto them safely. They’re a two-way travel system.

#7. Important landmarks are already marked on your map. Map Shards and Mines are marked on your map with feint icons — mines are marked with small dark hole entrances.

#8. Gideon gives you special rewards for sharing information with him while hunting the Great Runes. But you can earn all of his rewards without doing anything. You’ll kill him late game and unlock his Bell Bearing.

#9. Hero’s Grave dungeons always feature annoying chariot traps. All of these traps can be destroyed by shooting down a trap from above and smashing the chariot — usually located at the end of the path. One specific chariot doesn’t have a knight on top. You can actually ride that one.

#10. Using two weapons at the same time often gives you a special “Power Stance” move set that’s totally unique. Your attacks can change together into completely different combos.

#11. The giant-headed war machines can be instantly destroyed. Jump on the back of their heads to perform a unique animation that causes them to explore.

#12. Standing in the Erdtree’s golden leaves blowing in the wind gives you the Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot’s effect — it increases item discovery without wasting any items.

#13. All-important NPC items will become available at the Twin Maiden Husks. That includes the Flask of Wondrous Physick. You can’t get two — if you buy an important item from the husks, the normal NPC will not give you another.

#14. Parry isn’t just useful against regular enemies. You can parry while you’re on horseback, too.

#15. The NPC at Stormveil Castle — Gostoc — steals a small percentage of the runes you drop when you die. And you can get them back if you kill him.

#16. In the Eternal Cities, you’ll encounter giant rolling stone balls. These aren’t just traps. They’re enemies you can destroy to recover Larval Tears.

#17. Crystal Darts are a special consumable thrown item with a unique side-effect — they will frenzy stone enemies like Imps and Burial Watchdogs. When frenzied they will attack any other enemies in the area.

#18. Mash the attack buttons [R1+R2] to escape holds faster.

#19. Scare away annoying Basilisks with the Beast-Repellent Torch. Find this special torch at the Isolated Merchant in Caelid — while holding the torch, wolves and other critters will stay away. Most actual monsters won’t be deterred. Basilisks stay away. Very useful!

#20. When crossing pools of rot, don’t roll! If you roll in rot the red stuff sticks to your clothes for longer, keeping you soaked and infected. Staying on your feet will make the effect wear off faster.

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