Whether we like it or not, the Call of Duty series is one of the most popular franchises in the video game industry, with some great FPS games of all time. While CoD was mostly known for its World War setting, they made another series called Modern Warfare that changed the standards of FPS games. Not only in terms of gameplay but also terms of story and characters, the Modern Warfare series brought one of the best trilogies of the video game industry along with some of the most memorable characters of all time. All of them were part of the missions in campaigns of the Modern Warfare series. So here are the most memorable missions of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series.

10 – Cliffhanger (Modern Warfare 2)

This is the third mission of Modern Warfare 2, and for the first time, we are seeing Soap MacTavish after the ending of Modern Warfare. This mission is iconic for many reasons but primarily for its snowy setting and that snowmobile chase at the end. It is an excellent mixture of stealth and action while reminding players why it was so much fun to play as the Task Force 141, two special forces against an army, and becoming victorious at the end. Even though Cliffhanger is the third mission of Modern Warfare 2, it seems as if the game really starts from here.

9 – Takedown Missions (Modern Warfare 2)


Takedown is the masterclass on how to build tension on a level. The mission starts like every other mission as you chase a guy and then engage in a fight. But as you go deeper and deeper into the lower class of Brazil, Sao Paolo, you get swarmed by enemies. Your senses should be sharp and in their best form because you will be facing enemies from rooftops, in front of you, from windows, and any other place you think of. Not to mention that you will be all alone without any help from a fellow special force by the end of the mission.

8 – Crew Expandable (Modern Warfare)

Crew Expandable

After the tutorial mission of F.N.G, you will be assigned for your first mission with non-other than Captain Price. Your task is to infiltrate the ship and gather the information you can find. Crew Expandable was the best way to introduce players to the era of first-person shooters. After playing this mission, you will feel like you are experiencing something new in terms of gameplay as well as the setting. This mission sent the player on a journey that would end with the third installment of the series.

Loose Ends - modern warfare memorable missions

Loose Ends became an iconic mission and one of the most memorable missions in the Modern Warfare series with its shocking ending, putting an end to one of the most iconic characters of the series. Not only because of its plot point but the setting of Loose Ends is designed to keep you engaged with constant fight within the house. Making it one of the missions that push players to change tactics depending on how the enemy attacks.

6 – Blood Brothers (Modern Warfare 3)

Blood Brothers

There is no denying that Loose Ends, with its ending, is one of the most memorable missions of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. It is the recreation of One Shot One Kill from the first Modern Warfare game but with a much more tragic ending. No one would have thought that a military first-person shooter game mostly known for its gameplay would have such a tragic and sad plot point. Loose Ends will always be remembered by those who’ve experienced it.

5 – Just Like Old Times Mission (Modern Warfare 2)

Just Like Old Times - modern warfare memorable missions

Not technically the last mission of Modern Warfare 2, but it is definitely more memorable than the last mission of the game. Just like the title of the mission says, Soap and Price will embark on a suicide mission to take down the false idol of a nation, just like old times. Once again, with this mission, we see why the Modern Warfare series changed the standards of FPS games by mixing action and stealth in a way so non of the sides would be bigger than the other.

4 – Dust to Dust (Modern Warfare 3)

Dust to Dust

The last mission of the Modern Warfare series was exactly what fans wanted from it. An action-packed mission, with Price and Yuri going on a suicide mission to take vengeance for their lost friend. The mission is set in a luxurious hotel that makes it separate from all of the missions players did in the last games of the Modern Warfare series. Not to mention that ending with Captain Price sitting and smoking his cigar.

3 – Iron Lady Mission (Modern Warfare 3)

Iron Lady - modern warfare memorable missions

The start of World War III gives the possibility of making missions in some of the most iconic cities in the world, like Paris. After capturing Volk, Makarvo’s ally, you are asked to escort him out of Paris for interrogation. While doing this, you will find yourself in front of the Eiffel Tower, the icon of France, and watching it torn down. Eiffel Tower symbolizes ambition, dream, and love, and the war destroyed it. It is poetic to think about it.

2 – No Russian (Modern Warfare 2)

No Russian

No Russian is not only the most memorable mission of Modern Warfare 2 but also one of the most controversial levels of all time. The players take the role of Joseph Allen, a CIA special agent sent to infiltrate the small team of Vladimir Makarov. In this mission, players will participate in a massacre set in Moscow’s Airport where Makarov and his allies kill civilians. This is by far one of the harshest missions of the Call of Duty series. Without any doubt, No Russian will be remembered as one of the most controversial levels of the video game industry.

1 – All Ghillied Up Mission (Modern Warfare)

All Ghillied Up - modern warfare memorable missions

All Ghillied Up is a true masterclass of level design and narrative design. Set in the abandoned city of Pripyat, Lieutenant Price and Captain MacMillan have to sneak past an army and then wait in an abandoned hotel until they have the window to execute Imran Zakheav. It was a unique mission for a first-person shooter game back in 2007. Most FPS games were either complete stealth or all shooting your way out. But this mission changed the whole genre. All Ghillied Up will always remain in the memory of those who’ve played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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