After slaying a dragon with the help of a summon, a player watches said summon transform into a moon, float into the air, and vanish into nothing.

In Elden Ring, sorcery builds are by far some of the most powerful builds in the game. Whether facing off against normal enemies, tough bosses, or even other players, Elden Ring sorcery builds have a spell that will quickly, practically, and magically solve any problem they face.

Typically, some of the more prominent clips featuring sorcery builds are the boss kill clips. Specifically, some of the craziest clips depict extremely quick boss kills like Elden Ring‘s Radagon and Elden Beast dying in 30 seconds. These clips can be both impressive and frustrating for other players, as those who do not use sorcery are typically left in awe or disgust at the overpowered nature of the builds.


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However, as stated previously, the true problem with sorcery besides its damage output is its jack-of-all-trades nature. There are a ton of spells in the game, and with the right combination a sorcerer will be fully prepared to deal with any problem they face. Recently, a player took this ideology of sorcery to its limit by adding a new function to the capabilities of Rennala’s Full Moon spell in Elden Ring. Deciding that the sorcery needed even more functionality, they used it as a hilarious tool of misdirection.

Capturing the moment on camera, Reddit user RandumbStoner was pleasantly surprised by the exit strategy of their summoned friend, who used the Full Moon sorcery as a fun way to “exit” the game. What really happened is that the player cast Full Moon, sending out a projectile that caught the eye of RandumbStoner. As RandumbStoner watched the pretty moon float through the air, the summoned player made their daring escape, exiting the game as the moon floated away. Thus, when RandumbStoner turned around, the summoned player had vanished into thin air, much like Elden Ring‘s invisible Night’s Cavalry horse.

The thread below this hilarious clip was flooded with references and jokes by other Reddit users. One user referenced a scene from Avatar: The Last Airbender, saying their co-op partner turned into the moon like Princess Yue. Another user joked that the summoned player “pulled a Batman,” vanishing without a trace mid-fight. Many other users were in awe like RandumbStoner, simply impressed by the spell and this strange new use of it.

While sorcery builds are certainly overpowered, seeing unorthodox and creative uses of spells is very interesting. Rather than using Elden Ring‘s legendary sorceries to one-shot bosses, it is much more fun to see a player kill a dragon, turn into the moon, and vanish from sight.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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