Because the Gangs Act has been repealed, the high court has ordered the police to respond to a petition filed by PUBG madan requesting release. He vanished in june of last year, after the federal criminal cybercrime section filed a complaint against PUBG Madan, alleging that he mistreated children and teenagers by playing online games that included vulgar language. The punjab Central Jail housed PUBG Madan, who was detained in Dharmapuri on june 18 last year on accusations of pornography, obscene statements, misuse of information technology, and use of a forbidden processor.

Following several complaints, the chennai Metropolitan police Commissioner ordered his arrest on July 5 last year under the Prevention of Thugs Act, accusing him of breaking the law through cyberspace. The chennai high court recently overturned the order. In this situation, PUBG  Madan’s motion for bail was refused by the chennai primary session yesterday. Following this, PUBG madan filed a petition for bail in the chennai High Court. When the case came up for hearing the last time, the high court ordered the police to answer.

Judge Nakkeeran was assigned to hear the case. According to the sections lodged against PUBG Madan, he may only be punished to 3 months, according to Madan’s lawyer who appeared at the time. He claimed, however, that he had been imprisoned for nine and a half months. And the madan categories are frequently irrelevant. As a result, he contended that he should be released on bond. The police had requested additional time to react to Madan’s bail request at the time. The judge agreed and put the case on hold for a week.

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