Jade MacIntyre, 24, says she makes more streaming than lawyering

A Strathclyde law grad has packed in her legal career to play Call of Duty full time.

Jade MacIntyre, 24, has a first class law degree and her Diploma in Professional Legal Practice — but also 21,000 followers on her Facebook Gaming channel ‘The Real Slim Jadey’.

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The online warrior told STV’s Scotland Tonight that she’s made more from donations and advertising than she would as a trainee solicitor in Glasgow.

“I’m way happier doing this than I would be in a law firm.” she says. “I think that’s what it really comes down to and I know that myself, that I’ve found something that I’m passionate about and I enjoy”.

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“I never had that for law”, she added. “Really I’m dropping it for something that I feel better in”.

While MacIntyre may not be making partner in a law firm any time soon, she’s become Scotland’s first female Facebook Gaming Partner, which makes it easier to monetise live streams. Platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming hooked hordes of new viewers during the pandemic, which saw the audience almost double in a year.

Christopher McCorkindale, a senior lecturer at the University of Strathclyde, told Legal Cheek the faculty is delighted to see grads like MacIntyre making waves in other fields.

“Jade was a brilliant student and by the sounds of it is a brilliant gamer too”, he said. “We wish her all the best. Plus, a first class law degree isn’t a bad back-up to have at all!”

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