A Minecraft player decides to pursue their hoop dreams in the block world, creating a basketball court using very simple materials and methods.

Now over a decade removed from its release, Minecraft continues to be the de facto sandbox survival game for all ages and types of gamer. Between continued support from Microsoft through updates, the extensive list of craftable items, and the near-limitless level of creativity, Minecraft reinvented sandbox games and now is a defining example of them.

Because of the creativity factor, over the years players have found ways to create more unique works of art as well as more impressive pieces of tech and machinery. From a replica fleet of Minecraft star destroyers to entire cities to fully functioning cars or tanks, players continue to reinvent as well as come up with new ideas to further push the limits of the game’s creativity.


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One popular creation within the game is the creation of minigames. Some servers are entirely devoted to game modes created by players that range from hunger games-style battle royales to recreations of Frogger and Crossy Road in Minecraft. Getting these modes to function correctly takes a ton of time and effort, especially on larger servers where now players can queue up as though they were playing Call of Duty. However, recently one player managed to use a simple set of items to recreate the game of basketball.

Using wood planks, obsidian, pressure plates, slime blocks, item hoppers, and red dye, Reddit user GenericRedstonGenius managed to create a full basketball court that allowed them to shoot into a hoop to score as well as jump high into the air to score. While not as complicated as Minecraft‘s version of Pac-Man, GenericRedstonGenius’ creation would easily allow for a full-court game with teams vying for a win.

Using the red dye as the ball, teams would attempt to jump in between each other and the hoops hoping to “steal” the red dye when a player throws it; this would make for exciting defense, especially when two players jump high into the air for a shot. However, to ensure that players do not simply run up and down the court without consequence, perhaps passing rules could be made.

Perhaps the coolest thing about GenericRedstonGenius’ take on basketball is the fact that it is so simple it could be accomplished in survival mode with ease. Many creations like a Minecraft recreation of the U.K.’s houses of parliament would take ages to make without creative mode; however, GenericRedstonGenius’ basketball game is simple and fun, making it a very cool and easily repeatable creation any player could enjoy.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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