It is likely that the upcoming reboot of Modern Warfare 2 will retain elements of the original, and the popular Spec Ops mode should make a comeback.

The long-awaited Modern Warfare 2 is now officially confirmed to be the next upcoming title for the storied Call of Duty IP. Being the second installment of the recently rebooted Modern Warfare franchise, the high expectations and overall hype surrounding the upcoming title is understandable.

Of course, despite being a reboot, the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 will be sure to have its own unique identity and path, but that is not to say that some elements of its source material will not be retained. Of all the things that are worth making a comeback within the upcoming title, a Spec Ops mode akin to past installments of Modern Warfare games would be perfect.


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Spec Ops in Previous Modern Warfare Titles

The Spec Ops mode was first introduced to Call of Duty with 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, giving all the more reason to re-implement the mode within the upcoming reboot. The mode consisted of brief but highly varied and curated missions that increased with difficulty as players progressed through them. A majority of these missions were taken from segments of Modern Warfare 2’s campaign, with each mission having a maximum of three stars that could be earned by the player for meeting certain mission criteria.

The mode provided a serious variety of experiences that were genuinely engaging and challenging for those aiming to get full completion, ranging from stealth missions to timed vehicle trials to explosive shootouts. With the additional benefit of being able to play the vast majority of missions in online two-player co-op, the fact that Spec Ops was also implemented in Modern Warfare 3 is a testament to how beloved it was within the player base, and how it could be implemented in the upcoming Modern Warfare 2.

Spec Ops actually made a return in 2019’s Modern Warfare but is often forgotten due to how unpopular it proved to be. Spec Ops within Modern Warfare consisted of much more open-ended 4-player missions with basic objectives, often pertaining to a difficulty that many players considered ridiculously excessive. While it is clear that the demand for Spec Ops is still there, it needs to be done in a way that is much more reflective of the original Spec Ops modes of Modern Warfare 2 and 3.

How Spec Ops Could be Implemented in Modern Warfare 2

With it being very likely that Spec Ops will make an appearance in the upcoming Modern Warfare 2, Activision would do well to learn from the pitfalls of the iteration of Spec Ops that players saw in 2019’s Modern Warfare. Like the modes seen within the original MW2 and MW3, Spec Ops in this upcoming title should be more intimate and linear, fostering fast-paced replayability in which missions can be learned and mastered over time.

In addition to this, maintaining the nature of Spec Ops missions being taken from key parts of the title’s campaign would significantly aid in providing that classic Spec Ops feeling, while helping establish the campaign as an iconic element of this highly popular reboot of the franchise. Reducing the maximum player count of these missions back down to two would also be the best course of action, further allowing for more close-knit missions that resultantly require a more intricate level of cooperation and communication. If Activision were to implement these changes for the Spec Ops of Modern Warfare 2, it could see the title excel past the heights of its highly popular predecessor, in the same way the original version of MW2 did so many years ago.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is currently in development.

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