Like other FromSoftware games, Elden Ring has the intrinsic ability to make you feel like you’ve worked your way up to becoming the most powerful being in the land. Walking around Limgrave after doing a tour of Caelid makes you feel unstoppable. It’s not just your stats, but also your attire. Where you initially died wearing some rags you pulled off a corpse, you eventually strut around in General Radahn’s armour and other iconic gear. It seems some players like the feeling of strutting around, so they’ve planned a fashion show on the Elden Ring subreddit.

As spotted by PCGamesN, the fashion show was finalized over a month ago, but has since been stalled due to some complications with the submission process. The community voted on which class would feature in the first show – the Knights took it. There’s also a separate category for Cosplay, where players dressed their Tarnished up as famous fictional or real people. For instance, one player dressed their character as Moses, armed with two stone greatshields to denote the slabs on which the 10 commandments were etched.


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However, not everybody on the subreddit agreed with the conditions set by the mods and weren’t in favour of the compulsory theme. “I cannot comprehend why you would force a theme on this especially for the 1st showcase. ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY with such specific, niche categories. Very strange,” said one especially annoyed comment.

One of the mods explained why the complications with the submission process has led to a delay. “As some of you may know we received submissions for a showcase a while ago,” they said in an update. “Unfortunately there were some complications with the process. It was brought up that there was a significant variation between submissions, some with many great photos of not as great outfits while a couple really good sets only had a single basic photo.

“I attempted to reach out to promising picks to allow for an even playing field but even now after going through roughly 6 rounds of attempts I did not receive answers from enough of each category to get it going. As of now I have 8 knights and 5 cosplayers, after attempting to contact about 45 people.”

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