OpTic Texas and Atlanta FaZe might be the most compelling matchup this season in the Call of Duty League, but the results haven’t suggested anything other than OpTic dominance.

Texas picked up its fourth win of the season against Atlanta with a 3-1 victory Sunday evening. It’s actually five wins when counting the Pro-Am. OpTic beat FaZe three times with starter Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal, stunned FaZe with Jordon “General” General and handled FaZe once more in Byron “Prolute” Vera’s third CDL match ever.

Vera said OpTic might be a mental block for FaZe, and the CDL analyst desk liked that term as well. But the rest of OpTic Texas didn’t really look at their 5-0 record against FaZe that way.

At least head coach Ray “Rambo” Lussier didn’t.

“I’m not really worried about what they do or how they feel about the situation,” Lussier told The Dallas Morning News on Sunday. “I’m just worried about what we do. The fact that we step up to the occasion every time we play some of our best CoD every time we play them, that’s what I’m excited about.”

Atlanta and Texas are the two best teams in the Call of Duty League. The evidence is not only in their records but their consistency against the rest of the league.

So why has OpTic had its footprint all over the head-to-head matchup? Brandon “Dashy” Otell credited multiple factors. Texas players love grinding the game together, he said. And they excel in all three game modes.

OpTic entered Sunday’s match as the clear-cut better team in search and destroy. FaZe won Bocage search 6-4 anyway. In theory, that should’ve opened the series up for Atlanta.

It didn’t.

OpTic won all three respawns, and Lussier said the hardpoint maps could’ve been even more lopsided if Texas didn’t step on its own toes.

Prolute led OpTic with a 1.38 kill-death ratio against FaZe. Seth “Scump” Abner was the worst slayer on the team with a 1.20 kill-death ratio, and if he were averaging that line he’d be a top MVP candidate.

Texas’ fundamentals are the best in the CDL right now. Call of Duty is a game of positional warfare, Lussier said. OpTic has managed to stay at the top through a couple roster changes because of their positioning and decision-making.

“You’re not going to kill top-tier players in a good position,” Lussier said. “Nobody is hidden from that, not even FaZe.”

OpTic’s success with Prolute is undeniable. They have a 9-1 map count with two more Stage III matches to go against the New York Subliners and Los Angeles Thieves next weekend. Take care of business and the top seed at Major III is theirs.

Even with Vera filling in nicely, OpTic can’t afford to slow down. They have to continue to learn the game and adapt for when Dhaliwal returns from nursing a thumb injury.

That alone has been motivation. OpTic doesn’t have a monkey on its back. It doesn’t have a team that beats it repeatedly.

“We’re clicking and I think the biggest thing is we don’t plan on becoming complacent anytime soon,” Otell said. “We’re always adding new stuff so we aren’t falling off or becoming easier to read.”

To credit OpTic’s success against FaZe as a mental block is a bit disingenuous. Texas has just played better.

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