Using the right PUBG tips for staying alive will ensure your success in the game far beyond the beginning stages.

PUBG has become one of the most played games. What started as a tournament has evolved into something much more.

So what can players do to help them stay alive till the end of a PUBG Mobile match? You’ll need to learn the ins and outs – drop in, grab the greatest treasure, and figure out how to use it to survive other players and the looming energy wall.

Guns, tactics, map knowledge, key objects, and which hats go with certain vests will all help you get an advantage in the next battle.

With these 10 tips, players will have a better chance of staying alive for longer on the battlefield.

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1. Know Where To Land

How you begin a PUBG match depends a lot on where you land. If you land near a less populated area, you’ll be able to get enough loot safely. If you land in an empty area with fewer supplies, you may have to hide for a bit before coming upon good loot. Therefore, it is very important that you know where you are landing. Landing in a residential area can be beneficial for players who want to stay safe.

2. Don’t Engage In Fights Until You’re Ready

You should always try to get enough gear and prepare yourself before you engage in fights. If another player tries to fight you from a distance, back away and continue looting until you’re 100% prepared.

3. Go From Cover To Cover

At times, you’ll need to move from one position to another so you should always think about where your next cover point will be. You need to plan ahead and always have cover because you never know where you may be shot from. If you always have a place to hide, then you’ll be able to identify where the shots come from.

4. Play Safe During The End Game

If you are able to survive in the game for long enough, you’ll get to a point where the play area is small and the player count is low. You might not hear a fight, but you can be sure that there’ll be players close to you.

This is the time for you to play it safe. One option is for you to stay quiet and wait for the other players to kill each other. You’ll then be able to take a shot every now and then to get rid of any enemies that are fighting with the other players.

5. Stick With Your Teammates

If your game is set to duo mode then you should stick with your teammates. They’ll be able to revive you if you get knocked down, as well as offer you support if you get into a fight. If you fight another player on your own, then there’s a very big chance that you’ll be fighting against an entire team. If you do this on your own, you’ll only be putting yourself in danger.

6. Always Take A Level Three Helmet

If you want to win the game you’ll need a good helmet, so when you’re looting untouched items always try to grab the highest level possible. The general rule is that you should take a level three helmet, even if it’s about to be destroyed. A level three is the only one that’ll be able to save you from a headshot with the M24.

7. Wait For Health Regeneration

It’s better for you to hide away while you wait for health regeneration because you wouldn’t want to run into a battle with your health levels being low. You should also always use a medical aid kit before re-engaging in battle. If your teammates are far away or dead, make sure you hide away for regeneration. You should also try to keep an extra health pack on you for quick healing.

8. Keep An Eye On The Next Play Area

As time moves on in PUBG mobile, the map will get smaller. An important survival tip is that you always know where the map is going to pinpoint the next shrink zone. This will help you to plan in advance and wait for any approaching players. You’ll also be able to hide near the end of the shrink zone to cut off any players who struggle to enter the safe zone.

9. Play The Edge Of The Circle

Playing on the edge of the circle means that the area you need to be aware of will shrink a lot. You’ll only need to be aware of what is in front of you because you already know that a large part of the area behind you is totally safe. If you’re in the middle of the circle, then you’ll have to keep your eyes everywhere, which is sometimes not an easy thing to do.

PUBG Terrain

10. Use The Terrain For Cover

Buildings can be a good place to take cover, but they have a lot of risks. An alternative would be to find a dip, hill, or ridge to hide out so that your enemies won’t be able to take shots at you. These spots will give you good coverage with better sightlines than a building, and you’ll have many more escape options.

If you’re a PUBG fan or player and want to learn how to stay alive, then these tips will help you. As you continue playing, you’ll be able to discover new ways to help you survive.

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