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00:00 FYI
00:08 Feels better
00:30 Doc vs bear boss!
2:03 Sluggish game! (rage)
2:51 Action, Doc learns about the horse
5:17 Skyrim vs Elden Ring! (repetitive!)
7:04 Preparing for boss
7:32 Doc vs flower
9:40 Game is weird!
10:14 Doc vs 2nd Boss! + 11:07 Unathletic game!
11:25 Doc’s thoughts so far
11:45 Back to Boss
13:05 Eliminated, Pathetic controls! NBA 2k lock on!
13:33 Stuck on horse lol!
14:09 Boss (unathletic!)
15:21 Eliminated + Doc rates the game! (rage)
16:10 Boss, new technique
18:21 Doc wins! but can’t level up!
19:33 Unrewarded
19:45 Action, game is too unathletic!
20:10 Doc re-rates the game lol!
20:41 Doc vs big dudes
21:18 Lock on rage!
22:22 Input delay rage!
23:06 Lock on again!
23:26 Eliminated! + Rage quit + Throws controller! + Explains Why
25:19 Summit1g has the same opinion
25:46 Doc elaborates
26:12 Mic slap! + Doc explains more
27:52 Doc almost broke his monitor!


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