If you’re looking for a fun Elden Ring faith build, you’re in the right place. These are a great alternative to the intelligence-based mage builds (opens in new tab), and rely on incantations instead. Faith builds come in different flavours: some will lean more towards melee combat and buffs, while others might focus more on casting and staying at range.

There are a lot of faith weapons to be found in the Lands Between, which can be paired with a sacred seal in your off-hand. Incantations can grant buffs and resistances to your Tarnished, as well as inflict statuses on enemies and bosses. Or you can just obliterate everything with a faith-based greatsword. Whatever your playstyle, there are many variations to choose from and I’ve listed some of our best Elden Ring faith builds below to get you started.

Best Elden Ring faith builds 

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