T.L Sturgis is an award-winning bestselling author who is making great strides in the thriller, horror, fantasy, and poetry genres.

Lexington, Kentucky – May 27, 2022 – Talk about the emerging favorite authors, especially in the thriller genre, and T.L Sturgis (Tyeshia Sturgis) is sure to be on the top list. The talented BIPOC author has already won two 5-star seals from Reader’s Favorite Awards in 2020 and 2021 for her latest books, and is soon to release her new paranormal thriller later this year.

Apart from thriller, the best-selling author also delves into the fantasy and horror genres, and her upcoming book, “Flirting With Darkness”, is a unique blend of all the three genres.  

T.L Sturgis won her first 5-star seal from Reader’s Favorite Awards in 2020 for her popular poetry book, “Chocolate Candy Melts Under The Sun”. She has also written another poetry book, “Flowers and Bee Stings”- both the poetry books have grabbed the #1 new release rank on Amazon. The BIPOC author won her second 5-star seal from Reader’s Favorite Awards in 2021 for her recent novella, “The Devil’s Daughter”. A reader’s favorite, the novella attained #3 new release rank on Amazon upon release. 

The author has received rave reviews for all her books- 

“I was glued to my seat trying to figure out what was going on and when I did I was intrigued by the twists and turns and plot development. I recommend this book…Loved it!!!!!-“ (for The Devil’s Daughter

“Soft, kind, raw. Food for the soul. Delightful style that is very human and familiar, the path most of us have been on but failed to put into words. Refreshingly honest, often profound, and covering the extent of emotions of our human existence. Beautiful.”- (for Chocolate Candy Melts Under The Sun

Talking about her penmanship, Tyeshia shared that she uses writing as a way to escape reality; to offer the readers a different yet relatable world that they would be able to enjoy and resonate with. She is loved by both young and adult readers, especially those who have a strong knack for poetry, thriller, and fantasy genres. 


“I take to writing as a medium to escape reality and most importantly, to explore the creative world that eventually offers me an opportunity to carry my readers to momentous exhilaration. I am always on the constant endeavor to provide my readers something that they can connect with, and also something that will open their doors to reflections and crucial lessons”, stated Tyeshia. 

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my readers for their kind words and constant support. Your consistent encouragement serves as a huge inspiration for me, nudging me to churn out newer and more interesting works.” 

Over a rich and eventful career journey covering over a decade, Tyeshia has comprehensively written on a wide variety of themes, of which her utmost favorites have been psychological thrillers, fantasy, and poetry. A household name in the contemporary American book readership, the BIPOC author aims to consistently create a stir in the creative world with more intriguing and interesting books that can offer her readers a read for life. 

Added to her full-time writing journey, the Kentucky-based author is also dedicated to mentor new indie authors. 

“As an indie author, I believe, all indie authors must support one another. I always encourage new authors and find it immensely fulfilling to mentor and guide them towards creating a successful career in penmanship.” 

The author has earned coverage from the media as well. She has been invited to attend the esteemed The Connect show (Austin / Miami) on The CW in July 2022. 

Tyeshia’s upcoming book, “Flirting With Darkness”, will be released in November 2022. 

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