In recent years, the Call of Duty franchise has evolved in some major ways. The switch to a seasonal model with free maps and Battle Passes has been hugely different from the Season Pass approach, and the special events within Call of Duty: Warzone have been interesting to say the least. Operators allow for more customization, as does the Gunsmith, and plenty of new modes have been introduced.

While some players do take issue with the new model, pointing out overpriced cosmetic bundles or sharing their dislike for the drip feed of content as opposed to the map packs of old games, many seem to enjoy the new era of Call of Duty. However, one of the more recent innovations has been more divisive than one might expect. While crossplay sounds like a great addition on paper, it has come with some major downsides for players to deal with – and sectioning off the PC player base may be the best possible solution to the problems.


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Lowering The Amount of Hackers in New Call of Duty Titles

It is no secret that Call of Duty has struggled more with hackers in recent years than ever before. While the old Call of Duty games eventually became full of rainbow-named cheaters that could make themselves invincible, they usually remained cheat-free until their support came to an end. This is not the case with newer games, as hackers began cheating in the betas for Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard. Call of Duty: Warzone in particular became a nightmare, so much so that Activision had to create a massive anti-cheat system to combat the problem.

While it is good that Ricochet anti-cheat is now in place, the problem likely would not have gotten to the point where Ricochet was needed if it was not for crossplay. Allowing PC players to join up with console users may be great for those with friends on other platforms, but it comes with the cost of hacks being more easily transferable to consoles. If the PC player base was not allowed to merge with consoles, the hacking issues would remain isolated to PC lobbies – making the experience better for a majority of the Call of Duty community.

Keeping Gameplay Fair in Modern Call of Duty Games

Aside from crossplay with PC leading to quickly-spreading, hard to notice hacks for Raven Software to deal with, many console users simply do not find it fun to play with those on PC. For starters, PC users have an FOV slider on Call of Duty: Warzone, something that console fans do not have access to. This gives them a massive advantage, as they can see more of the playing field and get a better view of the action – catching someone approaching from the left or right side in a way that console users can not.

The PC advantage is not limited to Call of Duty: Warzone, though. One look at a Gunfight Tournament from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War where crossplay is enabled will show just how big the gap is when it comes to accuracy. The difference between keyboard and mouse and controllers is night and day, with aim assist not doing nearly enough to help console players keep up with those on PC. This gives PC users an unfair advantage in competitive modes, forcing console users to turn off crossplay if they want a fair fight. Unfortunately, this leads to much longer wait times.

While an option to enable full crossplay with PC and console players should exist, so too should a setting that limits crossplay to PlayStation and Xbox. Call of Duty fans on Xbox and PlayStation that are tired of being gunned down by a PC user with perfect aim should not have to turn off crossplay completely. Likewise, those who want to find matches quicker should not have to risk running into a hacker. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and future Call of Duty titles should give players a new option when it comes to crossplay, letting those on console have more of a say about the matches they get into.

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