PUBG Mobile x EVANGELION Collaboration: Experience the EVANGELION theme mode now! Check details- Tencent has recently announced a PUBG Mobile x Evangelion collaboration which is now live in the game. The themed mode is now available in the ranked mode where players can enjoy the Core Circle Mode. Devs also brought amazing themed outfits for the users. Let’s check out the themed Aug skin. Follow PUBG Mobile x EVANGELION updates at InsideSport.IN

Crossover events are growing increasingly popular in Tencent’s battle-royale game, and as a result, the creators are attempting to bring some exciting events to the game by collaborating with well-known games, companies, and anime. Suit up in EVANGELION themed outfits:

  • Extreme Armor Model EVA-00
  • Extreme Armor Model EVA-01
  • Extreme Armor Model EVA-02
  • Extreme Armor Model EVA-08
PUBG Mobile x EVANGELION Collaboration: Experience the EVANGELION theme mode now! Check details

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PUBG Mobile x EVANGELION Collaboration: The EVANGELION 4th Angel Aug has arrived! Check details

The collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Evangelion is the game’s second with an anime series, the first occurred in January with Jujutsu Kaisen in the 1.8 version. Evangelion, commonly known as Neon Genesis Evangelion, is a 1995 Japanese animated series. Because of its amazing storyline, this mecha genre anime became highly famous, and people still like watching it.

UPCOMING IP COLLABORATIONS- PUBGM 2.0 Update will bring multiple collaborations with Popular IPs. They have already announced collaborations with EVANGELION, BABY Shark, and many more. There will be more collaboration with new updates such as Blackpink and more. For future updates of PUBG Mobile Follow InsideSport on GOOGLE NEWS

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