Fortnite has been around for a while now, and almost everyone in the world has heard about it by now, whether they love it or hate it. However, the recent addition of the Zero Build mode in Fortnite has collectively made the community realize just how far Fortnite has come since its launch and how much the game has matured as a battle royale.

In certain aspects, Fortnite does it better than anybody else, which isn’t to say it’s the end-all of battle royale games, but it is to say that if you haven’t tried Fortnite, haven’t been back in a while, or just like BRs, you should consider giving Fortnite a go. So, in this article, we’ll explain just why exactly Fortnite in 2022 is better than Warzone, Apex, and PUBG.

Why Fortnite is Better Than Warzone

Warzone’s biggest problems are largely technical and balance-related and always have been. There are tons of issues across platforms with matchmaking, lag, bugs and glitches, and just generally things not working very well. Then, there’s the ever-present issue of balance, whether it’s guns, perks, the map, equipment, or loot, the systems of Warzone perpetually feel cobbled together. At best, you’re balancing on a knife’s edge.

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Fortnite doesn’t have these issues. The game runs well on just about anything, including phones, matchmaking is a breeze, lag isn’t a major issue, and bugs and glitches are usually kept to a minimum. But going beyond that, the balance of the game is fairly solid. Yes, there have been toxic metas in Fortnite like any other game, but in general, balance is a lot better than it is in Warzone.

For example, rather than having tons and tons of weapons to choose from that inevitably create tons of balancing problems, Fortnite has fewer weapons and they generally perform as you would expect them to, even if some, by design, are better than others. Plus, while Fortnite does have lots of fun, somewhat whacky items that are quite powerful, they tend to come with drawbacks that feel reasonable and make success possible but not guaranteed.

Why Fortnite is Better Than Apex

Apex is beloved for its hellishly-fast advanced movement and the enormously high skill-ceiling there is to mastering the complex mechanics of the game as well as its movement. That’s a major selling point and an existential problem the game has to perpetually deal with. The thing is that many love battle royale games for their accessibility: Everyone starts off with nothing, and depending on what you can find, you can even outmaneuver much more experienced players. This keeps BRs feeling fresh and dynamic.

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Apex with its almost overwhelming variety of features and mechanics can seem unapproachable, which is likely why the game has never enjoyed enduring popularity at the level of a Fortnite or Warzone. Plus, its soft sci-fi aesthetic is very cool for that niche but is also a generally much less popular look than modern realism or even more colorful, stylized games.

Fortnite doesn’t have these problems, but it’s also a lot deeper than a game like Warzone with many more things to do, mechanics to take advantage of, and even a complex movement system to learn to master. Fortnite is accessible to everyone but mastered by very few, which is often the sweet spot for a battle royale game. Plus, its colorful, cartoony aesthetic may seem childish, but the bright, punchy landscapes of the game are never a chore to navigate through, and they help to make crazy-looking skins seems appropriate and make sure enemies actually stand out.

Why Fortnite is Better Than PUBG

PUBG is the tactical battle royale. It’s all about teamwork, strategy, and making careful, correct decisions. That’s what people love about it. What people don’t like is how clunky, cumbersome, and awkward playing PUBG can be. From inventory management to map design to how weapons perform, there’s a ton of room for tactical play, which is great, but there’s also an attendant cost in your time and frustration that many don’t want to pay.

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Fortnite bridges the gap between the tactics of a BR like PUBG (or Apex) and the beloved simplicity of Call of Duty. In Fortnite, healing and shielding up takes a bunch of time, there’s a hearty helping of inventory management, and it pays to play smart, work together as a team, and use your environment and what you’ve got on you to your fullest advantage rather than running and gunning. But Fortnite is nowhere near as punishing as PUBG is, so actually playing the game is a lot smoother and a lot more accessible.

PUBG isn’t a bad game by any means, but it is a game intentionally designed to be, to some extent, clunky, cumbersome, and slow in the name of tactical play. The problem is that we know that it’s possible to encourage tactical, strategic play in a game that still feels fluid, polished, and accessible to anyone. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. This is where Fortnite steps in: It bridges that gap between the beautiful feel of playing Call of Duty and the elegant simplicity therein with the depth and strategic nature of PUBG or Apex.

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