The Call of Duty League Major 3 Tournament begins in Toronto, Canada. The first matches are scheduled for Thursday at the historic Mattamy Athletic Centre. With limited time and opportunities left until the Call of Duty Major Championships, this weekend’s in-person event is showing every sign of drama and with drama comes some major things to lookout for.

The Call of Duty competitive scene is well-experienced with LAN producing crazy results throughout history and even recently when the Los Angeles Guerillas won Major 2 with a substitute. The current CDL Points Standings along with this weekend’s bracket is almost certain to bring drama. 

Every team that is currently placed 4th-11th in the standings can see a significant change after the weekend. On top of that, three of the top five placed teams are starting the Major in the losers bracket and are almost surely bound for matchups with large standing implications.

Here are some of the big things to lookout for:

The Rokkr have LAN Left to Prove

The Minnesota Rokkr finished number 1 in the Major 3 Online Qualifier Matches with a 5-0 record and a 15-3 map count overall. After picking up long-time pro, Havok and getting off to a 4-0 start, the Rokkr had something to prove in their final group match against the Atlanta Faze.

Heading into the match the Rokkr were facing some doubt despite their record, because of the strength of schedule. They shutdown those opinions and did so in historic fashion.

The Rokkr swept the Atlanta Faze in rather quick fashion. This was the first time ever that Atlanta Fazes’ four players, Chris “Simp” Lehr, Tyler “Abezy” Pharris, McArthur “Cellium” Jovel and Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson, were swept while playing together.

This new and improved Rokkr squad have a ton to prove heading into this major as it’s their first time in this current form on LAN. They will take on the Los Angeles Thieves on Thursday at 9pmEST in the first round of the Winners Bracket.

Sib and Pred lead Surge to best Form yet

Throughout the Call of Duty League season the story about the Seattle Surge has been the same, they are mightily inconsistent but have the potential to compete for titles.

In the Online Qualifier Matches for Major 3, the Seattle Surge posted a 4-1 record. The only loss coming in a 3-2 defeat in their first matchup against Optic Texas. Since then, the Surge has been terrific.

They are 12-2 in map count in their last four series and have been carried by dominant performances from their young-gun rookies, Daunte “Sib” Gray and Amer “Pred” Zulbeari. ‘Pred’ boasts one of the best K/Ds among SMG players during the qualifier matches and ‘Sib’ has posted the best K/D amongst all Flex players and one of the top ones throughout their matches.

The Surge are looking to finally prove their consistency among the games best on LAN this weekend and have a massive first matchup to do it in. In their first round Winners Bracket matchup on Thursday, Seattle will take on the red-hot New York Subliners. This matchup will be the first on Thursday.

Breach, Ravens, Guerillas will all start in the Losers Bracket

Call of Duty Vanguard has proven to be a very inconsistent game and these teams are just the first examples. Ranked 3rd, 4th, and 5th in the CDL point standings all three of these teams have been near the top of the game at points throughout the year, with the Guerillas even winning one. But, that form has fallen off.

All three of these teams, whether it be roster-building issues or issues within the team in the game, have been poor as of late. These teams’ fan bases should begin to worry a bit. They are all still currently within a CoD Champs spot, but that is subject to change quickly.

Teams Earn: 65 for First, 50 for Second, 40 for Third, 30 for Fourth, 20 for Fifth/Sixth and 10 for Seventh/Eighth.

Current CDL Points Standings                                       
  1. Atlanta Faze (210)
  2. OpTic Texas (205)
  3. London Royal Ravens (140)
  4. Boston Breach (130)
  5. Los Angeles Guerillas (125)
  6. Seattle Surge (110)
  7. Minnesota Rokkr (100)
  8. Toronto Ultra (100)
  9. Los Angeles Thieves (90)
  10.  Florida Mutineers (90)
  11.  New York Subliners (90)
  12.  Paris Legion (20)

Looking at these standings shows the potential chaos that could potentially come from this weekend. All three of these teams will also likely play a first round losers bracket matchup against another team with a lot on the line, in terms of CDL points.

The London Royal Ravens will face off against the loser of the Surge/NYSL matchup in the first Losers Round one match on Friday at 1:30pmEST.

The Boston Breach will try to shake off their recent losing streak against the loser of Rokkr/LAT on Friday at 6pmEST.

Finally, the Los Angeles Guerillas will square off against the loser of Mutineers and Optic on Friday at 3pm EST.


New York Subliners look to stay Red-Hot

The 11th placed New York Subliners are heading into the Major 3 Tournament desperate for CDL points. Major 3 and the Major 4 stage are the only opportunities left to gain points to get into place for the Call of Duty Championships.

Although NYSL is in need of a great performance this weekend to shoot up the CDL, there is hope.

The Subliners went 3-2 in the Major 3 Qualifier Matches after winning the Pro-Am Classic with new player, KiSMET. New York has found much more success in the game as a team since their roster change. 

In the Major 3 Qualifier Matches, NYSL’s two losses came against Atlanta Faze and an also hot Toronto Ultra. They also took down Optic Texas 3-1 in their last matchup of the weekend, proving online at least, that they can hang with the top teams.

This weekend the Subliners will play in arguably the most exciting first round Winners Bracket matchup against the Seattle Surge.

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