PUBG Mobile releases its first in-game Pinoy character set, the Agent Phoenix. (Handout)

PUBG Mobile has released its first-ever Filipino character set in the game featuring a uniquely local folklore character, the Ibong Adarna.

Named ‘Agent Phoenix’, the set is an inspiration from the 16th-century magical bird which was said to be a cure for a king who cannot be healed. 

Three princes, Don Pedro, Diego, and Juan, needed to bring the mystical bird to cure their ailing father.

The banner event, which features the Philippines’ Ibong Adarna titled Rise from the Ashes, will last from May 30-June 19.

Players have to grind it out to acquire the Adarna set permanently by completing staged missions.

To win the set, battle royale fans have to place top 4 ten times, and logging in the game for 2 weeks for the duration of the event will also unlock the cover skin permanently.

During the event, Pinoy gamers may also earn these time-bound rewards by finishing their corresponding tasks:

●    Hairy Metal Set (7d) – Survive for 180 mins and team up 10 times

●    Indigo Flames – S1897 (5d) – Defeat 20 enemies and team up 10 times

●    Mecha Ant Backpack (5d) – Stay online for 180 minutes and team up 5 times

Local fans may also win the Phoenix Adarna Avatar Frame and Radiant Phoenix Adarna Parachute by acquiring points from the ‘Phoenix Adarna Arrival’ event, which will last from June 1 to 14.

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