So Godslayer Incantations exist, and together with a nice little exploit of the Godskin Apostle they make for a really good Elden Ring challenge run!

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A really cool Elden Ring challenge run i came up with, i though it was going to be a much bigger disaster but it turned into one of the most fun challenges!
Also guys if you have your opinions and reactions on how my future content should be, and any other general things about the content, please post them into the comments below!
And thanks to everyone that watches these videos, really appreciate it and its a huge honor to me 🙂

00:00 – Cool Intro!
00:40 – Main Course.

The style of this video is similar to Iron Pineapple and LilAggy in parts. A large influence on this channel are those guys and of course InfernoPlus .I give my thanks to these guys that inspire my content 😀

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