To ride neutral mobs such as Pigs, Horses, or Donkeys in Minecraft, adventurers must acquire an item known as the Saddle. This item can be placed atop the rideable creatures, allowing the player character to sit on the mob for traversal. It should be mentioned that tamed Horses and Donkeys can be ridden without a Saddle in Minecraft, but the item is required to control and steer them. Horses, in particular, are one of the best mounts to travel across terrain quickly, making the leather saddleback a vital tool for enhanced exploration. Continue reading to learn how to make a Saddle in Minecraft.

Spawning & Finding Saddles In Minecraft

Those who’ve been playing Minecraft for a while will know by now that Saddles are currently not craftable by players, but they can be found naturally in specific biome locations. Alternatively, adventurers can “make” a Saddle in Minecraft by using the console command: “/give <player> saddle <number>.” 


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For example, if player “JollyBones” wanted 2 Saddles, they could input: “/give JollyBones saddle 2.” This command would provide them with two Saddles. However, be sure that Cheats are enabled; otherwise, console commands will not work in the Minecraft world. As for finding naturally generated Saddles, players can explore several specific biome locations in the Overworld, Nether realm, and even The End. According to information provided by Minecraft Wiki, Saddles have the fixed spawn rates within Chests found in the following areas listed below:

Biome Location Spawn Rate
Nether Fortress 35.3%
Dungeon 27.9%
Desert Temple 23.5%
Village (Tanner’s Chest) 17.3%
Village (Weaponsmith’s Chest) 16.2%
Ancient City 16.1%
Bastion Remnant 13.6%
End City 13.3%
Jungle Temple 12.9%
Village (Savanna House Chest) 11.3%
Stronghold 2.5%

As Minecraft fans can see from the index above, the top two places to find a Saddle in Minecraft are underground Dungeons and Nether Fortresses within the Nether realm. Still, the percentages are relatively low, meaning that the chests at these locations are not guaranteed to have Saddles spawn within them. It should also be mentioned that the Saddle spawn rates for Bedrock Edition are slightly different than Java. However, Dungeons and Nether Fortresses still take the top two places for discovering Saddles within Chest Loot. 

Adventurers who feel like craftable Saddles is a must-have feature in Minecraft are encouraged to download and install third-party mods such as the “Craftable Saddles” or “Craft Saddles [FORGE & FABRIC]” mods on CurseForge. Of course, there are other websites where similar mods are available, but CurseForge typically provides the best safe and supported mods for the Minecraft community. As for players on platforms without mod support, using the console commands mentioned earlier is the second-best option for making Saddles.

Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One X|S, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. 

Source: Minecraft Wiki

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