Elden Ring fans were shocked when a $190 used copy of the game was advertised on the GameStop website six months after launch.

Gaming fanatics have become well known for their willingness to spend huge amounts of money on their hobby, dropping hundreds if not thousands on the entertainment medium each and every year.

With the release of Elden Ring back in February 2022, fans of FromSoftware’s games hurried to order copies of the game as well as the Collectors Edition.

Now, seven months since the game first launched, GameStop has gone viral for advertising a copy even the most insatiable Elden Ring fan would have to pass on.


Elden Ring was released on February 25.

GameStop advertises $190 copy of Elden Ring

Social media users were stunned when popular gaming deals account Wario64 shared a link to a pre-owned PS5 copy of Elden Ring via GameStop with an enormous price tag of $189.99.

The FromSoftware game, which typically retails for anywhere between $45 to $55 brand new, was listed at the same price as the Collectors Edition but seemingly without any of the additional goodies that came with it.

As of writing, the listing is still available on the retailer’s website with no price changes coming.

Users in the replies to Wario64’s tweet roasted GameStop over the error. One said, “The one pricing error they will honor.”

Another confirmed their allegiance to FromSoftware and said, “Hell, I’ll take two.”

While Elden Ring fans are possibly the most dedicated fanbase on the internet, this is one price point that goes even beyond their limit.

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