Elden Ring Walkthrough of all Quests, NPCs, Invaders, and other missable content, in order. The Best and Most Complete Elden Ring Guide, great for new/beginner players, but also if you’re experienced and just don’t want to miss anything. In Part 5, we complete the Questlines of Volcano Manor NPCs (Tanith, Rya, Patches, Bernahl) and Nepheli, Gostoc, and Kenneth Haight. We also do Quest steps for Goldmask, Corhyn, and Millicent.

0:00 – Intro and overview of NPCs and Quests in Volcano Manor and Altus Plateau, Recap of Part 4
0:32 – WARNING: Don’t defeat Rykard, also Ghost NPC
1:06 – Inquisitor Ghiza Invader (Ghiza’s Wheel Weapon)
1:16 – Joining Volcano Manor (Tanith, Bernahl, Diallos, Rya)
1:32 – Letter from Volcano Manor #1 – Old Knight Istvan (Scaled Armor Set, Magma Shot Sorcery)
2:02 – Rya Quest – Zorayas’s True Form
2:19 – Bernahl Quest (New Ashes of War, Assassin’s Gambit)
2:38 – Patches Quest, Letter to Patches – Great Horned Tragoth (Bull-Goat Armor Set, Magma Whip Candlestick)
3:06 – Letter from Volcano Manor #2 – Rileigh the Idle (Crepus’s Vial Talisman, Serpentbone Blade)
3:28 – Maleigh Marais NPC Invader (Marais Mask, Antspur Rapier)
3:59 – Shaded Castle Walkthrough (Valkyrie’s Prosthesis, Shaded Castle Inner Gate)
5:17 – Shaded Castle Walkthrough – Marais Executioner’s Sword (Legendary Armament)
6:20 – Diallos and Bernahl Quests (Letter to Bernahl)
6:59 – Rya Quest (Dark side of Volcano Manor)
7:47 – Rya Quest (Serpent’s Amnion), Volcano Manor Walkthrough
8:47 – Volcano Manor Walkthrough (Guest Hall)
9:38 – Rya Quest – giving her the Serpent’s Amnion (Tonic of Forgetfulness)
10:03 – Where to find Rya after giving her Serpent’s Amnion (Walkthrough)
11:00 – WARNING: Don’t give Rya the Tonic of Forgetfulness by accident
11:20 – CHOICES: What to do with Tonic of Forgetfulness
11:47 – Where to get Seedbed Curse in Volcano Manor – Walkthrough (Also Royal Knight’s Resolve Ash of War)
13:16 – Millicent Quest – Giving her the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis
13:32 – Gowry Quest – “About Millicent” “About Malenia” (Pest Threads Incantation, “Desperate Prayer” Gesture)
13:52 – Millicent Quest – Windmill Village (Godskin Peeler, Scouring Black Flame)
14:22 – Bell Bearing Hunter – Hermit Merchant’s Shack (Medicine-Peddler’s Bell Bearing)
15:06 – Where to get Seedbed Curse, Perfume Bottle, and Envoy’s Long Horn (East Capital Ramparts)
16:09 – Where to get Imp Head (Corpse) Armor
16:37 – Where to get Black Bow and Cracked Pot
17:29 – Where to get Lionel Armor Set, Deathbed Dress, and Omensmirk Mask (Lower Capital Church)
18:02 – Where to get Erdsteel Dagger and Thunderbolt Ash of War
18:45 – Where to get Gargoyle’s Halberd and Cane Sword
19:12 – Where to get Sanctified Whetstone, Hammer, and “By My Sword” Gesture
19:58 – Coded Sword and Seedbed Curse
20:39 – Two Fingers’ Prayer Book and Ablerich’s Armor Set
21:30 – “Flightless Bird” Painting / Fire’s Deadly Sin Incantation
21:51 – Raging Wolf Armor Set and Gelmir’s Fury Sorcery (Bernahl/Volcano Manor Questline)
22:11 – Gravel Stone Seal
22:28 – Stormhawk Axe and Blessed Dew Talisman
23:40 – Walkthrough (Erdtree Sanctuary)
24:08 – Erdtree Bow and Golden Order Principia Prayer Book (Goldmask Quest Requirement)
25:02 – Blessing of the Erdtree Incantation
25:23 – Duelist Armor Set, Duelist Greataxe, Battle Hammer, and Ritual Shield Talisman
26:10 – Star Fist Weapon and Where to find Goldmask and Corhyn in Leyndell
26:40 – How to get Law of Regression Incantation
27:08 – Goldmask Quest – Where to use Law of Regression
27:47 – Where to get Bolt of Gransax and Barrier of Gold Incantation
29:02 – Goldmask/Corhyn Quest (“Golden Order Totality” Gesture, Immutable Shield Incantation)
29:24 – Rold Medallion (Morgott, the Omen King)
29:44 – Nepheli’s Quest (also Gostoc and Kenneth Haight Quests)
30:10 – 2x Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones (Nepheli/Gostoc Quest)
30:34 – Perfume Bottle #2
31:06 – Flamedrake Talisman +1
31:36 – Blade of Calling
31:54 – Yura/Shabriri Quest
32:34 – Millicent Quest (Ancient Snow Valley Ruins)
32:47 – Volcano Manor Quest, Red Letter (“Hoslow’s Oath” Gesture, Hoslow’s Armor Set, Hoslow’s Petal Whip, Taker’s Cameo)
33:47 – Volcano Manor Quest (“My Thanks” Gesture)
34:05 – Shortcut to Rya
34:20 – CHOICES, Rya Quest (Daedicar’s Woe, Zorayas’s Letter)
35:02 – Patches Quest – Shaded Castle (Dancer’s Castanets Key Item)
35:17 – Tanith Quest – Dancer’s Castanets
35:35 – WARNING: Why you should wait until right before New Game + for Consort’s Mask
35:53 – Patches Quest – Reunion at Murkwater Cave (“Patches Crouch” Gesture)
36:25 – Closing Remarks and where to get more help with quests covered in this video
36:38 – Things to do (and to NOT do) before Walkthrough Part 6

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