Ever wanted to build a dark academia house in Minecraft but you’re not so sure about the building materials? In this article, we’ll guide you on how to make bricks in Minecraft so you can apply this special block to your buildings.

Two steps to Make Bricks in Minecraft

Bricks (or Brick block) is a legacy block that was added a long time ago when Minecraft is still in a beta version. Having been through many texture-changed updates, bricks slowly gain attraction to many Minecraft builders.

#1 Obtain 4 Brick items

To get a brick item, you must find clay balls and smelt them in the furnace. 4 Clay balls can be obtained by breaking a clay block with a non-Silk Touch enchantment tool. This is the primary way to get clay balls in Minecraft so make sure you have a sustainable source for clay.

You can find 1-3 clay balls in the mason chest or desert house chest. And the mason villager may throw a clay block at you if you have the Hero of the Village effect, which can be broken to obtain 4 clay balls.

When you have the clay balls, put them all in the furnace and wait. You will get 1 brick for each clay ball smelted.

Another efficient way to get brick items is to trade with the mason villagers. They sell 10 bricks for only 1 emerald. On Bedrock Edition, they sell 16 bricks instead.

#2 Craft Bricks

Once you have at least 4 brick items, press E to open your inventory and place them in all the grids to craft 1 Bricks block.

Additionally, you can find bricks block generate naturally in underwater ruins and the plain village structures. But the chance and the quantity are too low so we’d not recommend this method.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to get bricks in Minecraft?

The fastest way to get bricks in Minecraft is by crafting. Since you can easily obtain clay balls by trading with the novice-level mason villager, you just need to smelt the clay balls to get a brick. Then crafting bricks in large quantities won’t be a big deal!

How do you make a white brick in Minecraft?

There are only bricks with orange color in Minecraft. To make white brick, you need to install some Minecraft mods with this specific item. Mubble is one of them and it allows you to craft white brick by adding a bone meal to normal bricks to dye them white.

Can TNT break bricks in Minecraft?

Yes, TNT can break bricks in Minecraft!

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