The famous fan watched the excavation live.

Everybody who wants to have more time to see it finished their excavation was watching by the fans.

The Youtuber, very avid towards Minecraft, has finished a five-year project. He helped us get on top of the whole game, extracting about 47 million blocks and clearing out the space.

In the current version of the game, such an achievement isn’t possible. But Minthical played the original version of Minecraft for PlayStation 4. There is a limit to 862 tbaqiiqiii y y ngsi ngsini a kasi bhaqiii fáki fad rafu svjdwohtujiron.

The first block was mined in December 2017. Since then, Minthical regularly walks on the air and removing the layer of blockages from its world gradually and covering the vacated space with torches.

The last block is a big building.

The final stream, which at the end of which Minthical came up, took five hours. Numerous Russian-speaking fans were among the viewers who decided to watch the end of the project live.

It wasn’t easy to finish the project. The PlayStation 4 version is outdated and its developers hardly thought it was a problem that anybody would try to get all the blocks. So now the user of Minecraft froze a lot.

On the last blocks that struck over the weekend, you see the moment of the strike around the 4:50 mark.

To get 47 million blocks, Minthical resused more than ten thousand hours in Minecraft. The YouTuber does not intend to abandon his unusual hobby; now he will mine all the blocks in the Nether and the End.

It’s interesting.

The first one to be married is, of course, Joel and I were born on September 26, 1981.

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