In a recent fan art, one artist brought together the worlds of Minecraft and Pokemon by assigning types to a variety of mobs. The world of Minecraft features plenty of creatures and animals for players to interact with and these vary from passive Glowing Squid to outright hostile Zombies. When it comes to categorizing creatures, the Pokemon universe has a handful of different types that dictate their strengths and weaknesses.

While not categorized by types, the mobs of Minecraft typically stick to particular environments and are known for particular behaviors. This is especially true for the Zombies which have variants like Husks (found in the desert) and Drowned (found underwater).


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This fan art shows off an Enderman, Allay, Warden, Glow Squid, Blaze, Phantom, Axolotl, Zombie, Husk, and Drowned with their assigned Pokemon types just below. U/3tigrestristes marks four of these mobs as single types: Endermen are Psychic, Allays are Fairy, Blazes are Fire, and Zombies are categorized as being Normal. Aside from these, the artist also marks the other six Minecraft mobs as being dual-type Pokemon. The terrifying Warden combines Dark and Rock, Glow Squids combine Water and Electric, and Phantoms feature Ghost and Flying. Aside from this, the Axolotl mixes Water and Fairy, Husks combine Normal and Ground, and Drowned feature Normal and Water.

The mobs shown here are some of the most recognizable in Minecraft and the artist did well to match them with reasonable types in Pokemon. Their strategy here seems similar to what occurs in the Pokemon franchise in that the outside appearance and behavior dictate what typing they have. For example, the Phantom is a flying and undead hostile mob with blue and white coloring and u/3tigrestristes converts that to a dual typing of Ghost and Flying.

There are plenty of different games with which players can give this typing treatment, but Minecraft works especially well. The mobs of that game are memorable, and they can be found in a variety of different environments just like traditional Pokemon. The typically aggressive Warden from Minecraft is a perfect example because, like Tyranitar (the Pokemon it would share a dual type with), it can easily strike fear into players.

Then again, none of these new Pokemon feature a Steel typing, which is typically one of the strongest. This leaves this grouping a bit vulnerable to some stronger Pokemon in the original roster of species. Either way, this fan art does a great job converting some of the more famous mobs of Minecraft into Pokemon.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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