Yes, we’re talking about a rumor for a rumor. I apologize in advance for how convoluted this all is!

Last week, we heard rumors of a Nintendo Direct coming up. That Direct would supposedly happen sometime during the week of September 12th, 2022, which would be next week. According to inside sources, this Direct is supposed to reveal Twilight Princess and Wind Waker ports to Switch, the long-rumored Metroid Prime remaster, and more.

Many have been looking forward to next week to see if a Direct does come about, but now it seems we might have to wait even longer. Again, this is all based on rumor and speculation, so take it with a grain of salt.

People involved with both GamesBeat and Giant Bomb have said that the Nintendo Direct may be delayed to sometime past next week. Why delay the Direct days before it’s supposed to happen? Word is that Nintendo wants to push the Direct back due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. It’s not clear why Nintendo feels that would be a reason to hold a Direct back, but it’s likely a mix of paying respects and not wanting a Direct to get lost in the Queen’s coverage.

Hopefully Nintendo confirms a Direct soon, and we can move far away from rumor talk and just be excited!

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