Sammyuri’s Minecraft doesn’t look exactly like “Minecraft,” mostly because it doesn’t have the same capabilities as real-life computers. It’s redstone, so it runs in different shades of brown. It’s difficult to tell what’s happening by just looking at a picture, but in the video the motions make it apparent that the player is mining through blocks.

Sammyuri explains that, while all the redstone can “run on vanilla Minecraft,” it would run at a frame every few days. “This build does NOT run in real time,” they clarified in their video description. “It runs on MCHPRS, the server developed by StackDoubleFlow, which speeds up the game roughly 10-20,000x while running redstone. That brings the framerate to a much more reasonable 0.1fps, so the long timelapses in the video only took 9 hours to record in total.”

Right now, Sammyuri has an in-depth explanation video for how their Minecraft-ception works. However, it will probably confuse anyone without basic hardware or “Minecraft” knowledge. The team is holding off on a public download until Sammyuri and Uwerta improve the interface to make it more similar to “Minecraft.” They even have dreams of tackling a playable version of “DOOM” for “Minecraft” next.

“Have patience until then,” Sammyuri tells fans.

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